Sex Toys Amp Up Phone Chat Satisfaction

By Bhavani Kannan
September 9th, 2018
100% free party lines

We look at our blog posts as an opportunity to discuss some of the latest sexual trends with you in an effort to get more people of the world to get out there and bang! We firmly believe that the more people are out there having great sex, the happier they will be. And the happier people are the better off society will be.  Bringing it full circle, the happier our society is, the more people will have sex and we will finally reach a state of utopia. Which brings us to sex toys and our 100% free party lines.

Sex toys are not just for solo masturbations sessions, although they are great for that obviously. Emily Morse, a sexologist and podcast author reports that 53% of women own sex toys and 81% report using them with their sex partners. Pretty cool huh? So get the conversation started with your lover about sex toys. As a matter of fact, a really cool foreplay idea would be to shop online together for some new toys to add to your collection! The anticipation of getting that package delivered alone is sure to make for some amazing sex!

You know what else will make for some amazing sex? Calling in to our local singles phone chat and talking about your sex toy fantasies! Maybe you’ve always wanted to use a vibrating penis ring to see how massive of an orgasm you can give your partner. Our free trial adult phone lines are a great place to hook up with a hottie that knows how to get you off while chatting! Let them know where you want to put that glass dildo. Are you going to warm it up first? Or are you going to dip it in ice water and give them a sexy little chill?

Remember, when you dial in to our 100% free party lines, it is important to be as descriptive as possible when chatting to get off. The more your new phone friends know and the more they get to know about you, the better your sexual experience will be! Live adult phone chat is skyrocketing in popularity, so get in on the latest trend today!