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Amazing, your party lines really works!Blair from Portland writes...

I’m a snowboarder and it’s all I think about. My bud and I even took a road trip to Mt. Hood in Oregon this summer so we could say we got to snowboard in July. Dig that! Man, it was so cool!!! Well, except for wiping-out on ice and looking like you had road rash for the next month! OUCH! Anyway, I’m always looking to hook-up with a boarder so I checked out free chat. It was so easy to get in. I listened to the various peeps that left voice messages and found this girl on free chat who lives near me that is totally into snowboards. We went to a big 'used and new' swap meet last weekend and really seemed to hit it off. We have all these plans to go snowboarding this winter around here. I found her voice message about the fourth ad I listened to. It was an easy way to match-up with someone into the same things as me. I told my pal and he agreed. And get this; he matched up with a woman who lives about 5 miles from here. So close yet how could he have found her? Party lines actually work.

Your Party Lines Have Heaps of HOT People!Nancy from Philadelphia writes...

I found my self single again after quite a long time. I felt like I was out of the dating loop. Online rooms seemed pointless. Lots of angry or silly people, typing as fast as they can with all the comments scrolling by so quickly. I read a few ads in a local paper but they all seemed the same and so impersonal. I’m not looking to buy a car; I was just hoping to find a date. A local dating column had an article about a new way to meet people called free chat. Now, what’s the catch I wondered? I looked up the website and entered some personal information. I got to leave a detailed voice message about myself and what I was looking for in a date. I was really surprised to find so many people in my area who had used the free chat feature. Next time I checked my account I had several calls to return. Your chat made meeting other people so much easier. No false starts or wasted dates. I guess I’m not the only person looking fro a better way to meet people.

Your Party Lines Delivered the Goods!Brian from Los Angeles writes...

As I was going through all the profiles on your party lines, some of the girls stood out, some of them sounded great, but then there was Jenny’s profile. Just by her voice on your date lines I could tell she was an absolute hottie. We started chatting and right away her personality blew me away. She sounded so seductive and just plain fun to be with. So we met up in person only a week and a half later. We hit the clubs together big time and partied hard all weekend, every weekend. Your date lines definitely delivered the goods; I’m now going out with a total honey of a woman!

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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