8 Tips on Pleasuring Her Nips

By Tamala Stankaitis
August 29th, 2022
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Would you believe me if I said that a woman has the potential to have an orgasm without even having her genitals touched?

Well, we can and in this blog installment we’re giving you 8 tips on what to try with your woman while playing with her tits, which even if she doesn’t cum from the breast play, she will certainly enjoy the intimacy and fulfillment she receives from you doing so.

1. Breathing
Using your warm breath, try blowing around her areolas and work your way to the nipple as this helps to stimulate the nerves in the area.

2. Licking
Start with soft circular motions around the areola and as she gets more aroused, begin flicking the nipple with the tip of your tongue. Additionally, you can use the flat of your tongue to provide more coverage if her nipples are larger.

3. Sucking
Depending on what she likes, begin gently sucking on the nipple and if she desires more suction, increase it. Sucking harder increases blood flow which makes the nipple more sensitive.

4. Pinching
Using your fingers, softly pinch the nipple and ask if she likes the way it feels. It is quite likely that she’ll ask for you to pinch a little harder till she feels the right amount of pressure that gets her juices flowing.

5. Nibbling
While not every woman like this, many will be thrilled at a light nibble on her nipple. Simply clasp the nipple between your teeth and give a very gentle bite and see how she responds. If you’re soft in doing it, she won’t get hurt or respond negatively.

6. Oiling
The use of essential oils and lotions not only make massaging the nipple area smoother, but one’s with fragrance can also increase arousal through the sense of smell. Be sure to research the product that you intend to use prior to activity to ensure that you don’t end up sucking on her nipples afterwards and disrupting the moment with a negative response like “ewww” and trying to spit the lotion out.

7. Icing
Much like using the heat of your breath, why not try using something as cold as ice to heighten her nipple sensation. The use of ice will instantly have her nipples stand to attention and be erect for more defined play.

8. Vibrating
And finally, using a vibrating sex toy which is generally used for her genitalia, can be used in nipple play to further induce sensitivity and take things to a whole new level of pleasure.

Now go and experiment using these tips on her nips and see what transpires.