How to Pick Up an Older Woman

By Holly McClain
June 11th, 2023
How to Pick Up an Older Woman

How to Pick Up an Older Woman

Older women aren’t easy to impress. They’ve seen it all before, so they don’t fall for the usual pick up tricks that might work on a younger woman.

Leave the cheezey pickup lines at home. An older lady won’t be impressed by street slang or your killer keg stand stories.

Know Where to Meet

Older women want to be respected for their wisdom, intelligence and strength. This means that they will not tolerate any nonsense. For instance, interrupting them while they are working or talking to their friends will turn them off. They also want a guy who is serious and mature. This is why a lot of older ladies prefer a straightforward approach to dating.

Coffee shops are great places to meet a cougar. Most of them are there to catch up with their friends or relax after a long day at work. Make sure to get there early before the crowds arrive and strike up a conversation.

Parks are another great place to meet a cougar. They are usually there with their dogs for a walk around town or to socialize with their friends. If she sees you approaching her with your dog, ask her about her own pet and she might be intrigued. She might then start telling you all about it.

Know What to Say

Whether you’re looking for love, a hookup, or just casual sex, it can be tempting to flirt with an older woman. After all, they’re hot, they have a lot of experience, and they’re self-possessed. Plus, they know what it takes to keep themselves physically healthy.

However, flirting with an older woman comes with some unique challenges. For example, it’s generally not a good idea to mention your age in conversation. And you should definitely avoid cheesy pick-up lines. She may find them offensive, and she’s probably heard enough of them to recognize them a mile away.

In addition, it’s important to convey confidence. Older women are attracted to confident men and may be less interested in games. If she’s looking for a one-night stand, she’ll likely let you know rather than beating around the bush. Also, be prepared to accept chivalrous actions if she offers them. However, don’t be insulted if she turns you down.

Know When to Say It

If she’s interested in you, an older woman will either flat-out tell you she likes you or she may give a subtle hint that she is. For example, she may mention how nice it is that you cook for her or casually say that she would like to go out and eat with someone once in a while.

You’ll also notice that she is more confident and assertive compared to younger women. They’ve had more time to establish their identity and know what they want from a partner, so they won’t waste their time with childish guys who act awkwardly around them.

When talking to her, try to avoid topics that highlight a generation gap. She may not be up to speed on the latest street slang or memes, and she definitely isn’t interested in hearing about your killer keg stand from last weekend. Instead, focus on discussing things that are relevant to her, such as a new book you’ve read or an interesting article you saw online.

Know What to Do

Older women have had plenty of life experience and are more mature than a younger woman. They know what they want and may be more willing to accept you as a partner, where a younger woman may need time to figure out her own needs and desires.

As you approach her, try to be as confident as possible. She’ll pick up on your body language, so be mindful of your posture and avoid slouching. Keeping eye contact and smiling at her will also help you appear confident. If she smiles back, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

Do your best to avoid interrupting her if she’s busy with a friend or focused on something. This is a big turn-off for older women, so be careful not to annoy her. She may also be hesitant to discuss serious topics such as marriage or children with you, but this is normal and nothing to worry about.