A Hot Stranger Instructs My Girlfriend How to Give Herself a Perfect Yoni Massage

By Tamala Stankaitis
December 7th, 2021

What’s a yoni massage?

A yoni massage is a full body massage for women focusing on the erogenous zones such as the yoni (vulva), tits, ass, neck, lower back, and more. It’s a sensual massage that connects a woman to pleasure!


After my experience with my girlfriend on the phone chat platform, I believe that all women deserve a yoni massage. A yoni massage can be done by a practioner, a partner, or even solo. It’s often considered a tantric practice because it was first intent to be a ritual of erotic connectivity between two people. It can be two females or a woman and a man.


The yoni is considered a scared space or portal. Afterall, every single person comes from one! While orgasm is not mandatory during a yoni massage, it often occurs and brings such levels of bliss to the receiver.


Yoni massages brings many benefits such as supporting mental healing, improves relationships, releases higher energy, and promotes more intense orgasms!


What is the telephone chat line?

The telephone chat line is a way for you to meet strangers on the phone and engage in dirty talk. You can find kinky people to talk about sex and have fun being in the moment with you. It’s a safe way to experiment whether you’re single or coupled up.


You don’t have to worry about getting involved with someone and having it be messy or complicated. As soon as the call is over, you likely won’t ever speak to them again. This means you can focus on having light-hearted interactions where everybody cums!


Phone sex is mutual masturbation over the phone. It’s creative as you and others are highly encouraged to use your imagination to create role-playing scenarios, be in the moment with one another, and talk about fantasies.


Experiencing new things with friendly strangers is to be expected. Some people may even bring up topics that you have no prior knowledge on. Be open-minded to make the most of your phone sex experiences.


My girlfriend got instructed by a hot stranger

I got lucky with my girlfriend. She’s open-minded, adventurous, and gorgeous. She also had no problem getting on the telephone chatline with me. She liked to explore with strangers and fuck me on the phone for them to hear us get off. This would be super-hot. Sometimes we meet kinky people and other times we are the kinky people.


You can meet college students eager and willing to try new things. You can meet hot MILFs who are already naked when they dial into the chatlines. You can also meet people who know what they want, ask for it, and often get it.


One time, after a long day my girlfriend dialed into the chat platform. A guy answered and started asking us questions about our life, intimacy, and sexual preferences. Within minutes my partner was being instructed to suck my cock and take off her clothes. The interesting thing is she loved it and would listen to every single instruction.


While I may have stopped it, the guy was instructing her to do naughty things to me, so I didn’t mind one bit. He basically told her how to give herself a yoni massage while putting my hard cock into her mouth and holding my balls. I’m not sure about the stranger but I know I cam hard as well as my partner.


Share all your fantasies and experience hot role-playing scenarios

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the chatlines. You can experiment and co-create role-playing scenarios or chitchat about sexual fantasies, helping one another get off.


You can just talk about what you’re doing with your hands. You can talk about each other’s voices, sexual experiences, and what you’re seeking from being active in dirty conversations. This platform is for you to unwind, get off, relax, and get rid of stress!


It’s free to speak with naughty strangers on the telephone chatline. Most of the time you’ll meet horny people who are looking for similar experiences to what you want.


24/7 access to safe sexual encounters

The telephone chatline is open 24/7 for your convenience. You can find some time that works for you and meet a stranger or two to try your hand in dirty talk. You can explore in whatever direction arouses you!


There’s no reason to hold back what you’re thinking. Be sure express yourself as well as listen to others. There’s nothing more erotic than truly being heard and people dial into the phone chat platform for engaging conversations.


Imagination play

There’s something magical about using one’s imagination. You can create your ideal scenarios and sexual encounters and co-create the perfect dynamic and sexual fantasies on the phone chat platform.


When you develop your imagination, you benefit by having an easier time problem solving and intention setting. You’ll also take your power back from media such as porn and realize something somebody else created is not as fantastic as what you can.


Like anything else, imagination play is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger you get at it. Co-creating fantasies with strangers and or your partner is one of my favorite ways to get off.


Intimate moments with your partner and a stranger

The couples calling chatline allows you and your partner to connect with others sexually in a safe manner. If you wanted to experience a threesome or go all out in an orgy but need to ease your way into it, phone sex is the answer. It’s also a great way to try something you and experiment as a couple by rekindling the flame in a spicy manner.


You can develop good communication skills to get what you want and you can learn more about yourself, your partner, and others. Often couples report that the phone chat platform helps creating more intimate moments for them that they can later take to the bedroom.