Watch Porn Movies With Someone Special Over the Phone

By Bhavani Kannan
April 10th, 2019

Let’s admit it: watching porn is fun and sexy! But watching it with someone you love, like or just find sexy is even better! If you don’t have a mate handy, fear no more: you can find someone to watch it together on your favorite phone sex number!

Yep, watching porn together over the phone is a thing, and many users of chat lines are into it. Why don’t you try it too the next time you talk dirty to a sexy stranger?

Choosing a movie or video clip to watch together isn’t difficult at all in the era of the Internet: you don’t have to rush to the local sex shop, hoping to find both the same DVD you want to share. You can simply connect to the same X-rated website and choose a clip together.

Whether you’re into domination phone sex and want to tease your potential submissive by sharing a kinky video, or you simply need something to talk about with your phone sex buddy, don’t be afraid: porn is the way to go!

For the most romantic long-distance couples out there, there are also a lot of softcore erotic videos out there: they will help both partners to create a better intimacy while at the same time having a lot of fun over the phone.

But how does exactly a porn date over the phone work? Well, just like one in-person would: you choose some X-rated material that arouses both the partners, you hit play and you can have fun talking about it just like if you were together for real. We strongly recommend speakerphone, so you’ll have your hands free for doing sexy things!

Watching porn can lead to some seriously dirty conversations: no more awkward silences during phone sex! You’ll instantly have at your fingertips hundreds of erotic fantasies to share with your dirty talk buddy, and you’ll have incredible fun!

After you’ve seen the porn video, you can decide to act out the fantasy of your choice over the phone, having a seriously hot masturbation chat, or to keep browsing, finding something completely different to watch.