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I’ve Never Been On Such a Great Adult Chatting ServiceKevin from Seattle writes...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gay community was fairly well represented on Talk121. After I tried the free access line for about a week, I went ahead and bought a minutes package for an unbelievably cheap price. I designed a profile that specified my sexual orientation and was bombarded with messages from gay men throughout the Washington area. Aside from adult chatting with men, I've always connected very well with straight ladies and I've had a ball chatting with them on the Talk121 party line too. I'm going out for coffee with a sassy girl named Rebecca later this week who says she has plenty of hot gay boyfriends that she can set me up with. Thank you Talk121 for helping me find some fun people in the Seattle area.

Adult Chatting The Night Away Is My Fav Past Time!Holly from Cincinnati writes...

Within five minutes of calling this amazing adult chatting service I was having the time of my life. I go completely crazy if I sit at home alone so I'm always out looking for new friends or maybe something a little more serious. During my first day on Talk121, this terrific guy named Randy asked me to chat with him in private. For whatever reason I was initially very nervous, which actually made it all the more fun. However, after we talked for a couple hours we both came to the conclusion that we had a lot of things in common. We're both huge fans of the Bengals and we're going to a game together in mid November. Talk121 has given me the opportunity to really discover Randy's interests and feel out what type of person he is. He has a big heart and I can already tell that he and I are going to have a great time. I'm not superficial enough to bother asking him for a photograph and will wait to meet him in person when he picks me up that Sunday.

Talk121 Is The Best Place For Adult ChattingMalcolm from Chicago writes...

I've never used such a simple and exciting dating service in my life. My friend who has been a Talk121 member for about a year guided my through the process of creating a profile and getting started. About a half hour later I was on my way and already talking to a very nice lady who was approximately my age. I experimented with the free access number for about two weeks before I decided to buy a minutes package. Ever since I became a member I've felt miraculously better. When I speak to women around the office and out in public I find myself having a lot more confidence because of all the practice I have talking to babes each night on Talk121. Each night is a new adventure and I like the option of adult chatting on the party line with everyone or getting a little more personal and going one on one with a special lady. My name is Malcolm and I'm from Chicago, maybe I'll speak with you in the chat room today? Thanks Talk121!

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  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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