All You Need to Know About Swinging Over the Phone

By Bhavani Kannan
April 28th, 2019
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Swinging can be the hottest experience a couple can live together: it opens the mind of both partners, encouraging them to share new pleasures without the need to feel guilty for it. It can truly strengthen the bond between two people who love each other.

But there could be also many reasons why a couple may not be ready to actually meet other swingers in person. In many cases it can be a reason that has to do with privacy: if you go to real-life swingers’ parties and clubs, there is always a small chance that someone from your family or workplace will find out that you were there with your partner, and use that information to shame you or cause you to distress in other ways.

Other couples have concerns about jealousy: for some people, it may not be easy to see their partner having sex with other women or men, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t live some new sexy adventures together! Luckily there’s always phone sex: on dirty talk lines, there are a lot of couples who fantasize about swinging, and they will be more than happy to help you make your wishes come true!

Couples find that the privacy they get on anonymous sex numbers avoids lots of stress in their relationship and that if one of the two partners has issues with jealousy and insecurity while approaching another couple in real life, they usually have no problems with talking dirty over the phone. Last but not least, they get to share a mind-blowing sensual adventure right from the comfort of their own bedroom: what’s better than that?

Phone sex can be practiced in different moments: a couple can use it as an additional turn on while they’re having sex, or as a tease during foreplay. You can fantasize about swinging partners with the stranger couple you’re talking with, or to have an incredible orgy. Or, maybe, to have sex with your partner while you watch the other couple getting busy as well. As we often say, the only limit is your fantasy!