Should You Use A Burner Phone?

By Bhavani Kannan
July 15th, 2017
anonymous phone chat

When some people do online dating they might consider using a burner phone. This is a phone number that is just yours and no one else’s. It’s usually a pre-paid plan that isn’t attached to your name or personal information so it’s easy to just ditch it or change it if things don’t work out. Sometimes people like to do this because you never know who it is that you are talking to and you can have a private line that doesn’t have anything about you attached to it, but other times people choose this route for anonymous phone chat because they are still in a relationship and they don’t want their significant other to find out about their proclivities for chatting on the phone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and you will find that the people on our talk anytime chat line are totally not judgemental and they know that everyone has a different life situation.

An anonymous phone chat is totally the best way to meet someone whether or not you decide to use a burner phone or not. Just be aware that when you do use a burner, if someone finds out, they might think you are sketchy so don’t show them that you have two phones or mention the fact that you have more than one line. Of course most people have a land line and a cell phone so that’s OK, but if you’ve got two cell phones it is best to keep it on the down low or the DL. Be smart about phone dating and do whatever is best for you, just remember, there are always people who are on the phone line waiting to talk to someone who is just like you! Now get on the phone right away.