Best Phone Chat Lines

By Bhavani Kannan
February 26th, 2017

When you are single and ready to mingle, people will have tons of advice for you. One survey revealed the most popular sources of advice that people turn to. When you are using the best phone chat lines you might need some advice. Of course we provide a ton here on our blog, but you will probably want to ask some other people.

This survey showed that 66% of men and 34% of women get dating advice from a female friend. Best chat line numbers will help you meet other singles and when you do, you will definitely want to get some advice! Female friends are great for advice because if you’re a guy, they understand what women want, and if you’re a girl, it’s always fun to have some girl talk. Second most popular is guy friends, with 48% of men turning to them and 35% of women.

The more strange sources of dating advice revealed in the survey showed that 13% of men actually go to their exes for dating advice. Perhaps it is because they feel that the exes know them and what went wrong in their relationships better than anyone else. Finally, drivers of car services that you might order up with your phone were also a popular source of advice. In fact, they may have some mystical powers because the survey revealed that people who got advice from their drivers were actually three times more likely to have sex! Maybe it doesn’t say something about the drivers, simply that someone who is desperate enough to ask a stranger for dating advice may be really ready for a good fucking.

So when you have found the best phone chat lines for your local area, you know who to turn to when you need some dating advice. Your friends, and maybe your driver when you order up a ride!