Enjoy Sand Soccer With a Special Someone

By Bhavani Kannan
June 1st, 2017

Did you know that Sand Soccer is an official sport? It’s where you can play a game of soccer, but it usually happens on a beach or other sandy court. It’s going to take place in Virginia Beach, VA from June 9-11 of 2017. There are multiple categories for players including men, women and coed teams. There are even other fun side events that include sports besides sand soccer, like beach wrestling and sand hockey. If you want to enjoy this fun festival which is very sunny and beachy, then you will definitely want to get on the best sites for phone chatting. This is where you can meet anyone who will want to make a connection to go to local events like this one. Having a date at the ready will help you to enjoy where you live even more fully because you will always have someone who wants to go out with you to cool things that are happening where you live.

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Use the best sites for phone chatting to find a date for any local event, but especially for the North American Sand Soccer Tournament in VA Beach, VA. You can take some time to go to the tourney, and then see your date in their bathing suit if you choose to go to the beach!