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Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sometimes it’s fun to try something new in the  bedroom and spice things up. There are many ways to take it up a notch, and trying different things makes for a healthy sex life. So

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Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

Do you absolutely love porn? Forget a spank bank, your fap folder is a National Trust years in the making. Sometimes you feel like you’ve seen everything good but still you can’t get enough. Phone

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Phone Chat is For Everyone

Some people think phone chat lines are only for the older crowd or people who don’t know how to use a computer or dating apps. That simply isn’t true! Phone sex chat is for everyone

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Any Time is the Right Time With Phone Sex Chat

With the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, so many of us have crazy schedules. That’s part of the appeal of phone sex chat, it’s filled with hot sexy singles and couples looking to

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Role Play is Fun

Role playing is a fun way to heat up your play time in the bedroom. Getting creative with characters and scenarios makes for mind blowing nights of wild sex neither of you will soon forget.

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Moving to A New Town? Phone Sex Chat to the Rescue

Moving to a new city can be an adventure. Getting to know your surroundings and meeting new people can be a real challenge. Not only can your phone help you to navigate and get to

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Valentine’s Blues? Time to Get Over it With Phone Chat

If you are single on valentine’s day, don’t allow it to bring you down as there is an option for you to have fun and connect with others over the chat lines. So what if

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The Benefits of Waiting for Phone Sex

You may be wondering if there are any benefits of waiting for the phone sex with a new phone friend. The answer depends on what you are looking for. If you want something more than

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Phone Sex as a Sport: When is Too Much

Is there such a thing as too much phone sex? Some people may think that even a little phone sex is too much with the argument of saying it’s just masturbation but people who are

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How to be Vulnerable with Phone Friends

It may seem challenging to be vulnerable on phone chat because you don’t want to be hurt. I totally understand that sentiment and have been there many times. The thing is, that you will not

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Affirmative Consent is Great in a Hook Up

There are a whole lot of movements going on now that are talking about consent. There is the #metoo campaign and Hollywood's exposure of some pretty bad guys. The whole thing has made guys pretty

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No Gold Diggers On the Phone Lines

Online dating sites are full of chicks who really want to get money. They love it! They want to date and get taken out to dinners and have a good time because they really want

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Millennial Blog Explores Phone Sex

Elite Daily is a trendy online site that explores what millennials are doing these days. They put out a call to their readers because they were wondering if any of them ever have phone sex

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Phone Addiction Is More About Screen Time

When people talk about phone addiction these days, they are not talking about talking on the phone. They are talking about our constant need to be on the phone and looking at screens, constantly connected

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Folding Phones Are the Future

When you see futuristic movies you see people talking on phones that are no more than a transparent piece of paper that they can whip up out of the air whenever they want to. Well,

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Technology Companies Race to Fix Spectre Bug in Phone

Some news came out recently about a new bug that is affecting pretty much all smartphone devices and most computers too. There are two terrible bugs that were discovered which affect the actual chips that

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White House Staffers Won’t Be Using Chat Lines

Well, this is something that makes sense but it is a bit sad for the Washington DC chat line participants. A new announcement was made the white house staffers would no longer be able to

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Use Chat Lines for New Years Resolutions

Is your New Year's resolution that you want to find love or at least get a little bit more experience in the bedroom? Well, online dating sites see an uptick in membership and users after

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Anonymous Phone Lines are Best

When you are on an online dating site you might think that you are pretty anonymous but most sites nowadays use your real name and they connect to your true social media identities. That makes

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Another Reason to Eschew Online Dating

There is a hot news story coming out of New York that warns of a guy in New York who was using online dating sites to scam unsuspecting chicks out of their money. John Edward

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