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Chicks: Take Control of Your Dating Life

If you're a woman, you are probably used to guys asking you out. You don't have to do much work and you just take whatever comes your way, but you don't have to be that

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Is This the Golden Age of Flakes?

If you are using a phone line to meet locals you may have noticed some things. Just like with online dating it seems like in this day and age with instant communication and lots of

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The New is in: Dating Apps Make You Sad

According to a survey done at the University of Rhode Island, it turns out that those swipey dating apps don't actually make you happy or make dating easier. They surveyed 820 people on campus about

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Is It Time to Break Up and Try Chat Lines?

When you are stuck in a relationship things can be a big drag. You might be feeling like it is time to leave but you don't know what to do? It's hard to be alone

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What’s the Difference Between Phone Sex and Phone Chat

This here is a dating chat line for anyone who wants to meet singles in their local area. This is where all the hot people are located who want to make your acquaintance. The reason

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Dating Advice from Matchmakers

When you are doing things like online dating and dating on the phone there are things that you might not know, especially if you are in the subset of ages known as "millennial." Those people

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What Do Men Want From Women?

When you are a chick on the free trial chat you might be wondering what guys actually want from you. Some men don't have the easiest time expressing their true desires and so they might

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Dating App Bans Tiger Selfies

Well if you have ever used one of those swipey dating apps then you will know that pretty much there are a few different stereotypes of what people post on there. There are always people

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Does Dating Make You Healthier?

It is probably true that people are a lot happier when they have someone to share their lives with, but are they healthier? Well, it seems the answer to that question is in the eye

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Dating Advice from a 50 Year Couple

Have you ever wondered what makes those long term couples really tick? It's hard to know the recipe for the perfect relationship, and you really don't even have to get there when you have something

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To Send the Dick Pic or Not

When chatting on a telephone chat line for singles, you may get someone's real actual phone number. This is only natural because as you get to know someone you begin to feel more comfortable with

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Choosing Between Two Chicks

When you go on the talk phone line to find a date, the chances are you are going to meet more than one person who strikes your fancy. The great thing about phone line dating

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When is Dating Exclusive? When is it not?

When you are doing all sorts of things to meet someone special you might try things like online dating or phone chat dating like what we offer here. You might meet someone great and want

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Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

If you find yourself in Santa Fe, NM around the time of this amazing folk art market which will take place from July 14-16 of this year, you definitely need to check it out. It's

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When to Move to The Next Call

Our phone chat lines with free trials are great for just about anyone. There are so many different types of people on the line that you might wonder who you will find. There is definitely

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Is there a Mr. or Mrs. Right?

The one thing that modern dating advice for phone chats has in mind is helping you to find a life partner. They often say things like you shouldn't settle for less than perfect etc. etc.

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How to Balance Multiple Dates

If you use our dating phone chat line for free, chances are you are going to get to meet all the types of people that you want to meet. You may even meet so many

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Taste of Chicago

Chicago is one of those cities that reminds one of film noir, well-dressed, chivalrous, and gallant men and sultry femme fatales. There’s a rich all American culture of baseball, big-time crime, and food, like the

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Have Fun at Fair St. Louis

The 4th of July is a great festive opportunity to invite someone you've been chatting with on free trial singles chat out on a date. With hundreds of numbers all over the country and a toll-free

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Beat Insecurities With Phone Dating

Have you been feeling a little bit low on yourself lately? Do you need a boost to your self esteem? Well, phone dating is the perfect way to help yourself get over it because it

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