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Top Tips For Anonymous Phone Sex

Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of information out there on how people can get the most from their trial chatline experience.

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Tips For Free Phone Sex

Getting on the phone line and having phone sex with hot strangers that has unlimited options in terms of fantasy, desire, and variety!

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Finding Anonymous Phone Sex Numbers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have casual sex, pleasure, and orgasms at your fingertips 24/7 on free trial chatlines?

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On Vacation? Call In For Wild Phone Sex

Vacation doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex. Call in to our free trial chat line and get ready to talk with the sexiest girls.

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Why Are Millennials Masturbating So Much?

We would love for our free trial chat lines to be a driving force behind that number but apparently there are some other factors contributing to it as well.

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When She’s On Top

We hope our blog prompts you to give our phone sex chat lines a call and if you don’t have an account, you can start a trial chatlines.

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Dirty Conversations On Anonymous Phone Sex Lines

Trial Chat lines are fantastic, and one of the most substantial benefits of being on a phone sex chatline is that the conversation is anonymous.

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What Is Humiliation Phone Sex?

People call trial chat lines for many reasons, some of which are to fulfill fantasies that they cannot otherwise perform.

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How To Talk Dirty On The Phone With A Cougar

Millions of people around the world have fantasies about older women on a free chat trial. A cougar is an older woman seeking adventure from college men.

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How to Incorporate Morning Sex Into Your Routine

Morning sex is one of the best days to start your day. Some sunrise sex gets your endorphins and blood going to take on the day.

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How to Have Better And More Sex in Your Relationship

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and give you ways to spike up your sex life. You can have more sex this way! Here's how to incorporate more sex into your life.

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Fun Sex Positions For on Top

When you’re having sex with someone on top, there are many different things you can do to increase the pleasure, below are some tips and new sex positions to try out when on top.

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  • Casual Sex

Let’s Start Embracing Casual Sex

It’s time to embrace casual sex, which we embrace on our live chat lines and phone sex lines everyday. Pick up the phone to create a new relationship with casual sex.

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The Real Reason Behind Your Sex Dreams

Pretty much everyone passed puberty has had a sex dream about someone special in their life, whether it be someone you want to fuck or someone you really want to date.

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Masturbation Positions You Should Definitely Try

The best love is sometimes self-love, but sometimes we don’t talk about masturbation enough or think it’s awkward to bring up.

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Most Sexually Satisfied Residents by State

Let’s just say if you’re in the Bayou State your sexual satisfaction is on point. Here are the most sexually satisfied residents by state.

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Tips For Early Sex

This is known as having “sexpectations” for your new partner, but this feeling can flutter pretty fast as the relationship moves on to reality. Here are some sex tips to help!

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  • Cuddling

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

A new study shows that women enjoy sex 30 percent more when their partner stays for a cuddling or spooning session after the dirty deed.

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  • Breaks for Sex

Sweden Wants To have Paid Lunch Breaks For Sex

This Swedish politician is bringing the song "Afternoon Delight" to reality for his employees in Sweden. A politician in northern Sweden wants to give employees in the area one-hour paid lunch breaks for sex.

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Can I Improve My Dating Compatibility

A lot of dating talk circles around the concept of compatibility, and whether two people have enough of it to be in a successful relationship.

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