• Several Potential Partners

Don’t Let Politics Interfere With Finding Love

Interestingly, dating can be just as difficult, especially when you have several potential partners to choose between. Fortunately, that’s just how it works when you phone date!

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  • Gain Confidence in the Bedroom

How Having Lots of Phone Sex can Boost Your Confidence

By doing so, you will likely gain confidence in the bedroom and can even try to see how you have improved by going on dates in-person. By having phone sex with other like-minded people, you can figure out what you like and what your boundaries are while having a lot of fun of course!

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  • Phone Friends

How to Keep Your Phone Friend Happy

There are many ways to keep your phone friends happy and this blog will go over some sure tell suggestions of how to do just that.

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  • Foreplay of Phone Play

How Descriptive Language can get Anyone in the Mood for Phone Play

This blog is intended for people that are a part of the phone dating community and want some tips on how to use language to get phone lovers interested in phone play. Basically, the foreplay of phone play is descriptive language and friendly banter.

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  • Phone Partners

Have Many Phone Dates in One Night

If you’re in the mood to get it on all night, get on the chat lines. You can have as many phone dates as you want with as many phone partners. You can also have a lot of freaky phone sex and make connections that can be fun and lively with you.

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  • Phone Dating Community

How to be Mindful on the Chat Lines

When you are being mindful, you are aware and conscious of what is happening. It’s important to remember to do this while talking with people within the phone dating community because you don’t want to give out too much information with new people until you’re fully comfortable and can trust them.

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  • Dating People

Keeping Sex Alive in a Relationship

When you have been in a relationship for a long time it can be hard to keep the sexy times flowing for a while. If you want to learn a way to keep the sex

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Saying No To Sex In a Relationship Isn’t All Bad

When you are in a relationship there are times that you might want to not have sex. It sounds crazy and wild but it is true. When you do not want to have sex you

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Why Having Sex is Good For You

Having sex is good for reasons that you don't even have to explain. It feels good and it is fun! Hey, what else do you really need to know. But did you know that there

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  • free trial chatlines

Meditation is Good for Sex

Is your sex life suffering? Perhaps you just need to inject a little bit of mindfulness into the equation. A new study shows that meditating could be good for your sex life. Meditation is not

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Is This The Best Job Ever?

When you are looking for a job you probably think that you can't find something exciting. You will probably settle for something boring that will keep you tied down to a desk all day and

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A New Meaning to Phone Sex

Phone sex used to just mean chatting on the phone with someone cool, but now there is a whole new technology that is giving new meaning to "phone sex." There are a whole bunch of

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  • Many Couples

Hot Conversation Starters

When you are chatting on our free chat line you might be wondering what you can say to get the conversation started in the direction that you would like. You will probably be wondering what

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  • Relationships

Send Your Dirty Talk the Right Way

Well one celebrity had a bit of a mishap recently. Apparently Channelle McCleary, a star of a show called Sex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother received some recorded naughty voice messages that were

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  • Communication

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When you are chatting on a phone line you may be tempted to do so in your car but you actually should not. April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and that means that we can

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  • Trial Chat Lines

A Very Expensive Phone Booth

What do you think that EPA admin Scott Pruitt was doing with his $43,000 phone booth? Of course we think that he was using it to talk on phone chat lines all of the time

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Charge Your Phone at the Amusement Park

One theme park has announced a new feature that can help you charge your phone. You never know when you are going to want to talk on the chat line and when you're out of

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Flip Phone or Smart Phone is Perfect for Phone Lines

Some people are following a trend to go back to the olden days of using a phone that isn't too smart. They wouldn't really be called a dumb phone but they are certainly a phone

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Check Your State’s Phone Laws

When you are talking on the phone to use a sexy chat line, you should definitely not chat when you are driving. However, some states have different laws about what type of hands-free devices you

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Cell Phone Radiation Could Actually be Good For You

In general, people have wondered over the years whether or not radiation from cell phones is good for you. It's a device you often hold right up to your head and everyone wonders what that

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