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What’s Your Sexual Resolution?

Well, 2017 has come and gone for better or for worse. That's another year in the bucket and a new one is coming. Maybe you have some New Year's resolutions like you want to lose

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The Top Sex Trends for 2018

So, it's time for a new year and you have probably hardly gotten a handle on the old one! 2018 is coming for us faster than a speeding freight train, so you had better get

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Details from the Robot Sex Conference

Are you wondering how sex is going to change in the future? Well if your answer is yes then you need to attend the International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots. This year was

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Does Cardi B Have a Sex Tape?

When you are talking on our phone chat, you may be tempted to act out a fantasy with your favorite celebrities. Is one of those chicks Cardi B? Well if it is then you will

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Siri May Not Be the Best for Sex Info

For most people, when they have a sex question, they turn to the internet straight away to find out the answer. However, there are a few different options for searching for sexual information and you

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Don’t Fuck When You’re Tired

There is a new study out that says that if you have sex when you are too tired you could actually ruin your relationship. You know that you're just not at your best when you're

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RIP to Two Beautiful Pornstars

Two beautiful pornstars are gone too soon. However, you can honor their memory by acting out all of their favorite fantasies over the free trial phone line with someone special. The first girl is August

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Star Wars Themed Sex Toys Now Available!

Wow wow wow. Geeks everywhere are rejoicing. Haven't you ever felt that the sex toys you wanted to use while you were on the chat line for phone sex weren't geeky enough? Now your problems

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Holiday Sex Trend is Real

There is something that happens around Christmas time. Everyone is feeling kind of happy and they just want to feel even better. They get hornier and they want to have a ton of sex. It

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Darryl Strawberry’s Sexy Secret

Darryl Strawberry used to be one of the best baseball players in the world. He was well known for his powerful swing that would often result in home runs. Also, his mere presence at 6

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Being Vegan Might Make You Sexier

Well, one online dating site did a study to see if how you eat can affect your appeal in dating and the findings are kind of shocking. Strangely, they found that vegans get 62% more

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Dating Terms You Need to Know in 2017

2017 sounds kind of like the future, but believe it or not, it is the year right now! There are always new and unusual dating terms flying about, so here are some ones you need

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Bad Dating Advice

When you're single so many people probably give you dating advice that your head will spin. These are some of the worst tips people have heard. The thing to remember is that you don't have

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It’s OK to Admit Dating Apps Aren’t For You

If you are feeling kind of burnt out on those dating apps that you have to swipe back and forth to say whether or not you like someone, then you may be at the point

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Dating Tips for the Older Crowd

When you are a bit on the older side dating can seem kind of intimidating. Perhaps it has been a while since you have tried going out with someone special, or maybe you just aren't

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Find Anyone On the Phone

Probably the number one question we get asked is who can you find on our free to chat phone lines. Well, the answer isn't very straightforward, but that isn't bad news. In fact, it's quite

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Tips for the Single Ladies

Single ladies, where are you at? You are a special breed, and should be appreciated, but it's hard and sometimes scary being a single lady out there. Isn't it! Well, you're in the right place.

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Dating Body Language to Watch For

If you have been on the free chats for a while you will probably have met at least a few people that you are quite interested in. You can talk to some people and get

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Test to Find Out If the Phone is Right for You

Here is a hot test to find out what you want from your free phone talk experience. Some people know exactly what they want all the time while others don't know exactly what they do

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It’s Always Time to Chat

When you are feeling bored and horny, it might be at an odd time of day. Maybe you are up late at night and feeling restless or maybe it's a special kind of holiday when

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