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Avoid Flakes with Phone Dating

When you do online dating what happens a lot of the time is that people seem interested via text message but then they just fade out a bit. Maybe you even make plans to meet

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Kinky Games to Play

Do you need some ideas for what to do with your new phone date? There are plenty of kinky things to try that you might find helps you hit those sexy buttons. You can either

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How Do We Keep The Gender Balance?

When you talk on our free trial chat line you will notice that there are a good number of guys and girls on the line. With many dating sites and chat lines you might feel

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Phone Charging Wars

Well if you are a frequent user of a chatline for dating then you know that some mobile phones simply charge faster than others. And some hold their charge a whole lot better than other

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Chat Lines are Not Just for Grandma!

We've heard some people talking, OK? We've heard the talk that chat lines are just for old people who don't know how to use the internet for online dating and we'd like to say that

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Don’t Use Cell Phone Camera to Capture Eclipse

The eclipse is coming! It's all anyone will talk about these days. If you're here you probably are used to using your cell phone to talk on dating chat lines and also to take pictures

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Aphrodisiacs to Try on a First Date

When you are on a first date with someone from a dating chat experience you might wonder if aphrodisiacs are a real thing. Well, regardless of what you believe you might want to give them

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Why is it So Hard to Meet Local Singles?

Are you single? Do you want to find people who live near to you who are also single? Well, it's easy to do that when you get on the singles chat line for locals. We

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Live in a College Town? Meet College Singles!

Do you live in one of the country's many great college towns. These are seasonal paradises where people come not only to learn but also to pick up hot college chicks too. There are places

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Don’t Use LinkedIn to Date: Do Use Chat Lines

It's every woman's nightmare. You are on LinkedIn to try to find a job and instead of scheduling and interview or asking more about you the guy in charge of hiring speaks about how cute

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Zodiac Sign Compatibility

When you are phone dating some people believe that your zodiac sign can help you find the people you are the most compatible with. Of course astrology is just a bit of a fun thing

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Advice from Patti Stanger, The Million Dollar MatchMaker

Patti Stanger has been making waves in the media for years as The Million Dollar Matchmaker. She sets up guys who have lots of riches with girls who have other qualities that they want to

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Should You Use A Burner Phone?

When some people do online dating they might consider using a burner phone. This is a phone number that is just yours and no one else's. It's usually a pre-paid plan that isn't attached to

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How to Keep a Conversation Going

When you are talking on a phone line you may be worried that the conversation will go stale. This is only a natural worry but you might be surprised at how the conversation can keep

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Is Lizzo’s New Hit Single About Phone Sex?

Lizzo is an awesome artist who probably falls into the genre known as alternative hip hop. She is a big black woman and she is proud of her identity. While she is rising in the

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Chicks: Take Control of Your Dating Life

If you're a woman, you are probably used to guys asking you out. You don't have to do much work and you just take whatever comes your way, but you don't have to be that

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Is This the Golden Age of Flakes?

If you are using a phone line to meet locals you may have noticed some things. Just like with online dating it seems like in this day and age with instant communication and lots of

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The New is in: Dating Apps Make You Sad

According to a survey done at the University of Rhode Island, it turns out that those swipey dating apps don't actually make you happy or make dating easier. They surveyed 820 people on campus about

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Is It Time to Break Up and Try Chat Lines?

When you are stuck in a relationship things can be a big drag. You might be feeling like it is time to leave but you don't know what to do? It's hard to be alone

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