• Casual Sex

Let’s Start Embracing Casual Sex

It’s time to embrace casual sex, which we embrace on our live chat lines and phone sex lines everyday. Pick up the phone to create a new relationship with casual sex.

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  • Sex Dream

The Real Reason Behind Your Sex Dreams

Pretty much everyone passed puberty has had a sex dream about someone special in their life, whether it be someone you want to fuck or someone you really want to date.

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  • masturbation

Masturbation Positions You Should Definitely Try

The best love is sometimes self-love, but sometimes we don’t talk about masturbation enough or think it’s awkward to bring up.

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  • Sexually Satisfied

Most Sexually Satisfied Residents by State

Let’s just say if you’re in the Bayou State your sexual satisfaction is on point. Here are the most sexually satisfied residents by state.

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  • Sex Tips

Tips For Early Sex

This is known as having “sexpectations” for your new partner, but this feeling can flutter pretty fast as the relationship moves on to reality. Here are some sex tips to help!

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  • Cuddling

Sex without cuddling ruins fun for women

A new study shows that women enjoy sex 30 percent more when their partner stays for a cuddling or spooning session after the dirty deed.

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  • Breaks for Sex

Sweden Wants To have Paid Lunch Breaks For Sex

This Swedish politician is bringing the song "Afternoon Delight" to reality for his employees in Sweden. A politician in northern Sweden wants to give employees in the area one-hour paid lunch breaks for sex.

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  • Dating Talk Circles

Can I Improve My Dating Compatibility

A lot of dating talk circles around the concept of compatibility, and whether two people have enough of it to be in a successful relationship.

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  • Dating People

Dating People Who Don’t Know What They Want

Dating people who don't know what they want comes with a lot of risks. While each person learns more about what they want over time, some decide only to look into people that have an idea (or more than an idea) of what they want.

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  • Many Couples

Keeping The Debates And Arguments Fair

According to some daters and couples, these are a few of the most common ways that debates and arguments happen for many couples.

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  • Relationships

How Dating Affects Freedom

Here are some effects that people’s thoughts about freedom may have on relationships, in addition to a few signs that show the relationship may not be the best for you.

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  • Communication

Demanding Versus Communicating Needs

Talking is one of the major parts of dating and relationships. No matter what period of the relationship people are in, communication is essential.

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  • Totally Sexual

Are you Asexual or Aromantic?

Maybe you are one of these unique orientations! Knowing about them could strike a realization that you haven't heard about before. Whether or not you are or are not asexual, aromantic or totally sexual, you could still benefit from chatting on a chat line.

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  • Bisexual Woman

Dating Tips for Bisexual Women in Pride Month

If you're a bisexual woman, you may have a hard time dating. Not only do you have to pick between if you want to date a guy or a girl, but you also have to wonder if the person you're dating will be upset when they find out that you're bi.

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  • Free Chat Line Trial

How to Date Someone from a Different Ethnicity or Culture

In past history, many people have chosen to only date within their culture, because that's what was available to them. However, now we live in a modern era where the world is much smaller because of technology, and cultures have been blending together like never before.

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  • Phone Chat Lines

Mindy Kaling Gives Dating Advice

Well, when it comes to the phone chat lines you don't have to worry about that stuff as much. Of course you should still be respectful and courteous, but if you meet someone you don't like, you can just hang up the phone by telling them you have to go, and then try another caller.

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  • Online Dating

Online Dating is No Good – Try Phones Instead

Yet another study has recently come out which shows why online dating is just not that good for you, and gives you even more fodder for why you should try phone dating instead. Besides the

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  • Trial Chat Lines

Why Voice By Phone is Sexier Than Sexting

Sexting is fun, but a real conversation where you can hear the voice of the person you are talking to is way hotter!  Being able to hear the tone and inflection of speech allows for a deeper and more intimate connection from the beginning.

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  • Hot 18 year olds

Technology Inspires Fear Of Becoming A Recluse

The older you get, you find, the smaller your social circle becomes. Even though your phone seems to expand your global reach, and the world seems so much smaller, all of a sudden, you are aware of a major lack in real community.

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  • Live Chat With Girls

Looking For A Hot Male Who Wants To Learn

No one posts “wanted” ads anymore. Can you imagine opening up a newspaper (even that thought seems so outdated), and reading a personals ad which read, “cougar looking for a younger man interested in learning how to become a better lover”?

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