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Forget Black Friday Shopping – Pick Up the Phone

It's Black Friday which is a day when a lot of Americans head off to the mall and buy lots of stuff in order to get deep discounts on Christmas and holiday presents for everyone

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Turkey Day Chat Line Dates

Are you about to be alone on Thanksgiving? No one wants that! If you are lonely, just pick up the phone and talk to someone else in the same situation on our numbers to chat

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Make Small Talk On Chat Lines

When you are using a free chat line number site you can't get into a deep and personal conversation right away. You first have to build rapport with someone by getting to know them with

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Post Break Up: Try Chat Lines

After a tough break up it can be hard to put yourself back out there. There are many things that stop people from getting back into the dating game once they have broken up whether

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What NOT to Talk About on Chat Lines

When it comes to phone dating with numbers for free trial chatlines, you could really talk about anything, but there are a few things that you should save for in person conversations or when you

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Call the Chat Line to Vent or Celebrate the Election

It's a pretty stressful time for some people in this country, and for others it's quite the happy time. It shouldn't be any surprise that you can call our free mobile chat line numbers and

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What to Do on A First Date

So, you've met your match from our list of local chat line numbers for your area, and you want to meet up in person. You're probably feeling a little anxious about meeting up, as anyone

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Our Chat Line is 24/7

Feeling lonely and can't sleep? Bored at work? Need an early morning friend? The best thing about our chat line numbers to call is that it is available 24 hours a day and seven days

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How to Chat on the Down Low

It happens to everyone. For some reason or another you are stuck in an unfulfilling relationship but you feel you should stay. It's a situation that many find themselves in and they wonder how they

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Pick the Best Pics to Share

When you're talking with someone on one of our local dating chat lines, you will probably meet someone you get along well with. If you exchange phone numbers, you might be tempted to share some

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How to Prep for a Date

When using chat lines for sex or dating, you may feel nervous when it comes time to prepare for an actual date in person with someone you've met on said line. There's no need to

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The Realization that Will Help You Get A Date

When dating, even when using fun local lines for singles, there are lots of things that stop a person from realizing their dreams of finding a relationship or even a hook up. Most of the

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Don’t Follow This Dating Advice

When you're using one of our dating chat lines to find someone new to go out with, your friends and family might give you some dating advice. Now, there are some classic pieces of advice

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How to Snag a Date on the Local Chat Line

So, you've been thinking about trying out our local chat line, but you've been wondering - is this really a good way to find a date? The true answer is that yes - it is. Why else

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Dating Advice for Election Season

The US presidential election is coming up faster than you probably realize. Now it's less than a month away. Whether you're voting for the businessman or the political woman, dating during this time can be

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Use Social Media to Your Dating Benefit

Once you have used our free chat trial  to find someone to go out on a date with, you'll probably get to know them well enough to exchange social media information. Some people have a policy where

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Dating Etiquette for the Modern World

Dating on a chat line is really easy, especially when you use Talk121 to do it. You can just pick up the phone and get access to tons of singles who are on the line

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Great First Date Gifts

It's very common practice for people to bring something for a potential on a first date, especially if you've met someone on a chatline for dating. Some gifts are cheesy and some are nice. People

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How to See Your Date in their Bathing Suit

When you've met someone on a free trial phone chatline like this one, you will probably end up taking them out on a date if you like them. That is the whole point of this

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Chat Lines: The Phone Sex of the Future

The phone sex of the future is definitely chat line phone sex. Luckily for you, Talk121 offers tons of local chat lines and there is one for your area. All you have to do is look up the number for your area and dial it up. Then you will be connected to horny singles who are really in your area. After a while of dirty talk you can elect to meet up for a hot and heavy hook up, or you can just keep things on the phone for more phone sex fun.

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