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Pick the Best Pics to Share

When you're talking with someone on one of our local dating chat lines, you will probably meet someone you get along well with. If you exchange phone numbers, you might be tempted to share some

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How to Prep for a Date

When using chat lines for sex or dating, you may feel nervous when it comes time to prepare for an actual date in person with someone you've met on said line. There's no need to

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The Realization that Will Help You Get A Date

When dating, even when using fun local lines for singles, there are lots of things that stop a person from realizing their dreams of finding a relationship or even a hook up. Most of the

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Don’t Follow This Dating Advice

When you're using one of our dating chat lines to find someone new to go out with, your friends and family might give you some dating advice. Now, there are some classic pieces of advice

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How to Snag a Date on the Local Chat Line

So, you've been thinking about trying out our local chat line, but you've been wondering - is this really a good way to find a date? The true answer is that yes - it is. Why else

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Dating Advice for Election Season

The US presidential election is coming up faster than you probably realize. Now it's less than a month away. Whether you're voting for the businessman or the political woman, dating during this time can be

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Use Social Media to Your Dating Benefit

Once you have used our free chat trial  to find someone to go out on a date with, you'll probably get to know them well enough to exchange social media information. Some people have a policy where

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Dating Etiquette for the Modern World

Dating on a chat line is really easy, especially when you use Talk121 to do it. You can just pick up the phone and get access to tons of singles who are on the line

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Great First Date Gifts

It's very common practice for people to bring something for a potential on a first date, especially if you've met someone on a chatline for dating. Some gifts are cheesy and some are nice. People

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How to See Your Date in their Bathing Suit

When you've met someone on a free trial phone chatline like this one, you will probably end up taking them out on a date if you like them. That is the whole point of this

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Chat Lines: The Phone Sex of the Future

The phone sex of the future is definitely chat line phone sex. Luckily for you, Talk121 offers tons of local chat lines and there is one for your area. All you have to do is look up the number for your area and dial it up. Then you will be connected to horny singles who are really in your area. After a while of dirty talk you can elect to meet up for a hot and heavy hook up, or you can just keep things on the phone for more phone sex fun.

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  • Know When to Get Back to the Chat Line

Know When to Get Back to the Chat Line

If someone wants to hang, they will make the time or find the time. When someone just seems dodgy and they aren't spending that much time with you, then it's time to get back to the Talk121 chat line to find someone new! You'll know that someone likes you when they spend time with you and are excited about doing so. So, get back to a sexy chat line until you find someone who is as excited about you.

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Chat Line Dating Advice from Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has had dating flubs and flops just like you. She recently gave an interview in Vogue Australia that lets you know what her best and favorite dating tips are. Perhaps Selena Gomez herself

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  • Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

When you're doing online dating, there are some things that it seems really easy to do. It's simple to fall into dating patterns, but these are some online dating tips that will help you find what you are looking for even faster.

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  • Sex is Like Steroids

Sex is Like Steroids

If you're here on Talk121 looking for a hook up, you might want to hit the gym the next day after you find that perfect booty call. Don't hesitate if you've got a race to run or a triathlon to win. Make sure you get the most out of your Talk121 experience! It's an added benefit of hooking up that you probably never even thought of before. You may not have been looking for someone to help you fix things up at the gym, but now the possibility is here. Plus, you'll burn extra calories when you are doing the nasty, especially if you like to do it rough and vigorously.

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New Study Reveals How to Have a Good Sex Life

A study which was done in Israel showed that as long as people in a relationship remain responsive to each other both in and outside of the bedroom, the sex remains good. What does this mean exactly? It means that both partners continue to show a caring and understanding about the other person throughout the relationship. It basically means the partners remain empathetic towards each other even when they disagree or when things get hard. It shows that people who stay committed to making the other person feel good will keep having good sex! The study proves that greater intimacy leads to, well...greater intimacy!

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  • How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex?

How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex?

If you're looking for a hook up or booty call, go ahead and have sex on the first date! That will set the precedent for the casual relationship that you are looking for. A hook up is fun because you can explore someone else's body without the pressure of worrying about someone else's emotions and feelings. The definition of a hook up is pretty much just a purely sexual relationship, so, go ahead and let loose.

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  • How to Hook Up As a Single Parent

How to Hook Up As a Single Parent

As a single parent, you don't really have time to beat around the bush with those who want more than a one night stand or regular booty call. Make sure the person on the other end of a talk121 chat line knows that you're just looking for something fun and nothing more.

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How to Take it from Conversation to Phone Sex

If you're wanting to heat up the phone call, try a sexy sentence, pick up line or question to get in the mood and see if your phone call partner wants to have phone sex. Perhaps you can ask them what they're wearing, or when was the last time they jerked off. Don't go with something too sexy and forward, it's better to ease into it.

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Study Says Sexting Could Mean Commitment

It's funny because most people would associate sexting with hook ups, not relationships. One study found that the more worried a person was about what their sexual partner thought of them - and their sexual performance, the more they used this sexy tool as a way to check in and get validation. Rob assures readers that sexting isn't bad at all - but too much sexting, especially sexting with naughty photos, might be a sign that there is too much anxiety in the relationship.

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