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Hot Swimsuit Models Tell You What to Wear

When you are going out for your first date with someone from a local chat line number, you might be wondering what you should wear. We have given you some advice about that, but there

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Never Go on Blind Dates Again

When it comes to dating, blind dates are kind of the worst. Your friends or family set you up with people who they think are cool, but they are really just thinking of themselves and

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Does Reality TV Give an Accurate Depiction of Dating

Reality TV shows like the Bachelor or Bachelorette make it seem like it is really easy to find someone to get engaged to and to fall in love with. Just get a group of 20

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Can You Be Spiritual and Phone Date?

There are all sorts of religions out there. Some of them are kind of funny like Pastafarian, which is actually a parody religion made by people who think religion in general is kind of silly.

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Don’t Get Down From Annoying Advice

Sometimes friends and family members love to give people annoying dating advice. They don't think that the advice they are giving is annoying, and they have your best interest at heart most of the time.

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How to Keep Your Cool When Talking on the Line

For some people, the prospect of talking to someone who is pretty hot and sexy can make them all tongue tied and make every thought leave their head, even if they are talking on free

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The Phone Booth May Be Dead, But Phone Lines Aren’t

Things have sure changed a lot when it comes to talking on the phone. Over the past ten years or so, public phone booths have disappeared, and you probably don't remember anyone's phone number by

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Tired of Waiting For Messages? Try Phone Dating

When you sign up to an online dating site, most of them are based on messaging. You send someone a missive and then you have to wait for them to get back to you, if

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Nostalgic Phone Design to Return

Do you remember back in the day when you would use your old Nokia 3310 to call up chat lines for free. It's an old brick phone that has an iconic design that was simply

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Get Multicultural with the Holi Festival in Spanish Fork, UT

You might not think that Utah is a very multicultural place, but it actually is! In Spanish Fork, UT, a place south of Salt Lake City, there will be a Holi Festival, or a Festival

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Don’t Know What You Want? Try the Line

When you don't know what you want from dating, sometimes it takes a bit of experience to find out. You have to try different things to meet people so you can rule out qualities you

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Too Busy for a Relationship? Call the Phone Line

These days so many people are always on the go. They have their jobs which take up the majority of their time, and then if you have one hobby or are trying to work towards

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The Best Dating Advice: Just Be Yourself

When you are dating and in the singles pool, it seems like everyone has their piece of advice for you. Everyone wants you to try this and that, read this books, watch this documentary, etc.

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American Idol Singer Says: Don’t Compromise

Colton Dixon is a famous guy who got his start on American Idol, singing his heart out and showing people what he was made of in the competition. He recently released his first album, and

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Solve Your Quarter or Mid-Life Crisis

When people are around the age of 25, give or take a few years, they are often said to be having a quarter life crisis. Some more spiritual people refer to this time as a person's

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Some Unique Date Night Ideas

When you get connected to great singles on our local singles chat, you might be taken off guard when you get a date so quickly that you don't know what to plan. Luckily we are

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Make the Most Out of Dating in a Big City

Even though there are so many people around, dating in a big city can feel pretty lonely. There are tons of people but how do you meet the exact right ones? Free chatting sites can

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Don’t Change Who You Are

There is a lot of dating advice out there. Some of it comes from reputable sources, and some of it just comes from someone's imagination. How do you know who to trust and who not

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Open Relationships Flourish on the Line

When you are in an open relationship you might feel like you don't know where to turn to find open minded people to date who would be interested in meeting people who are interested in

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Make Some “Me” Time For Successful Dating

When you are looking for a new date or hookup, it's very easy to put yourself out there a lot - maybe even a little too much. You may start to feel tired - not

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