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When is Dating Exclusive? When is it not?

When you are doing all sorts of things to meet someone special you might try things like online dating or phone chat dating like what we offer here. You might meet someone great and want

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Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

If you find yourself in Santa Fe, NM around the time of this amazing folk art market which will take place from July 14-16 of this year, you definitely need to check it out. It's

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When to Move to The Next Call

Our phone chat lines with free trials are great for just about anyone. There are so many different types of people on the line that you might wonder who you will find. There is definitely

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Is there a Mr. or Mrs. Right?

The one thing that modern dating advice for phone chats has in mind is helping you to find a life partner. They often say things like you shouldn't settle for less than perfect etc. etc.

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How to Balance Multiple Dates

If you use our dating phone chat line for free, chances are you are going to get to meet all the types of people that you want to meet. You may even meet so many

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Taste of Chicago

Chicago is one of those cities that reminds one of film noir, well-dressed, chivalrous, and gallant men and sultry femme fatales. There’s a rich all American culture of baseball, big-time crime, and food, like the

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Have Fun at Fair St. Louis

The 4th of July is a great festive opportunity to invite someone you've been chatting with on free trial singles chat out on a date. With hundreds of numbers all over the country and a toll-free

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Beat Insecurities With Phone Dating

Have you been feeling a little bit low on yourself lately? Do you need a boost to your self esteem? Well, phone dating is the perfect way to help yourself get over it because it

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Summer Love Develops at Summerfest

Summer is the optimal dating season. The hot sun makes everyone want to shed their clothes and gives everyone the itch to go out and have fun. Mobile chat sites are the quick and easy way to

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The Perfect Date for Foodies

Meeting sexy fun people on chat for free is so easy and you’re going to go on enough dates that you’re eventually going to want to do something more exciting and up your dating game. Although

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Get Grooving at the Electric Daisy Carnival

If you’re looking for a great getaway date idea when you meet someone on free live chat, a 3 day electronic music dance party will not disappoint on June 16-18. The Electric Daisy Carnival, or

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Enjoy Sand Soccer With a Special Someone

Did you know that Sand Soccer is an official sport? It's where you can play a game of soccer, but it usually happens on a beach or other sandy court. It's going to take place

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Phone Dating is the Best

Dating on the phone is pretty much better than any other form of dating, especially traditional dating and particularly online dating. If the answers aren't already clear to you, you will need to understand a

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The Must Have Playlist for Dating

When you are dating there are plenty of opportunities to listen to music. You can check out a phone line where you can put on music in the background, and you can play music in

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Dating With ADD or ADHD

There are a lot of people in the world who have ADD or ADHD. And dating with this condition can be frustrating. Here's what you need to know if you encounter someone with one of

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Be Who You Want on the Phone

When it comes to phone dating you might be tempted to be super honest about who you are. That's only natural, it's what we are trained to do in social situations, most of us at

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Finding a Kinky Date

Are you feeling a little frisky and wanting to get kinky? Our chat lines are the perfect thing that the doctor ordered to help you find a kinky date, or someone to talk about your

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New Study Shows How Long Sex Should Last

When you are using our local phone chat you may be looking for someone to have sex with. When you are feeling horny you might be interested in having sex for a long time. Some

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Cheating? No Judgement Here

A lot of people who use our exclusive free trial chat lines are here because they are stuck in a relationship that they are not too happy with. But they have to stay for one

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Save Yourself From Awkward Phone Sex

How do you deal when phone sex goes wrong? What you can do is save yourself and there are a few ways you can do it if you are starting to feel awkward when you

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