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Why I Switched From Webcams to Phone Dating

I am a guy who used to watch a whole lot of live webcams. I mean, what's not to like about them? They are live webcam shows with hot girls. Some of them are even

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My First Phone Date

I have always been a shy guy and I was never popular with the ladies. Sometimes online dating sites would seem good for me but then I would just forget about it because I could

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First Date Ideas that Are Wacky

When you try phone dating you will definitely meet some people who want to go out on a date with you. You may have thought it was only for talking on the phone and meeting

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Phone Sex Ideas

If you are talking on a chat line for free and you want to have some fun you are probably going to have phone sex. Sure people are here to find a date and also

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Celebs Who Admit to Trying Online Dating

Imagine opening up your favorite swipey app for online dating and there you see a top celebrity. What would you do. Probably swipe right! Well, maybe not. Online dating is not that great but the

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My Phone Success Story

Hey I'm a regular Joe. So much so, in fact that my name is actually Joe! I was getting sick on online dating. People always message you once or twice and then they fall off

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Dating Tips to Forget About

There is a lot of dating advice that is based in old ways of society when guys would take charge and chicks would just bow to their will. Also, these dating tips were made before

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What Women Want Men to Know for Dating

Did you ever see that movie called What Women Want? It was about a guy who could suddenly read women's minds and figure out what they want. Well that movie can't come true unless there

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What to Do On a Date

When you talk on our exclusive free trial chats, you might get talking to someone who really wants to go on a date with you. There are some things you should absolutely not do on

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Phone Accessories For Travel

When you are addicted to chatting on a dating line for singles you might run low on battery or something like that when you are on the go. There are seriously so many tools of

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Avoid Flakes with Phone Dating

When you do online dating what happens a lot of the time is that people seem interested via text message but then they just fade out a bit. Maybe you even make plans to meet

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Kinky Games to Play

Do you need some ideas for what to do with your new phone date? There are plenty of kinky things to try that you might find helps you hit those sexy buttons. You can either

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How Do We Keep The Gender Balance?

When you talk on our free trial chat line you will notice that there are a good number of guys and girls on the line. With many dating sites and chat lines you might feel

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Phone Charging Wars

Well if you are a frequent user of a chatline for dating then you know that some mobile phones simply charge faster than others. And some hold their charge a whole lot better than other

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Chat Lines are Not Just for Grandma!

We've heard some people talking, OK? We've heard the talk that chat lines are just for old people who don't know how to use the internet for online dating and we'd like to say that

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Don’t Use Cell Phone Camera to Capture Eclipse

The eclipse is coming! It's all anyone will talk about these days. If you're here you probably are used to using your cell phone to talk on dating chat lines and also to take pictures

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Aphrodisiacs to Try on a First Date

When you are on a first date with someone from a dating chat experience you might wonder if aphrodisiacs are a real thing. Well, regardless of what you believe you might want to give them

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Why is it So Hard to Meet Local Singles?

Are you single? Do you want to find people who live near to you who are also single? Well, it's easy to do that when you get on the singles chat line for locals. We

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Live in a College Town? Meet College Singles!

Do you live in one of the country's many great college towns. These are seasonal paradises where people come not only to learn but also to pick up hot college chicks too. There are places

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