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Spruce Up Your Phone to Make for Fun Chatting

When you are chatting on our phone line for singles, you will see that you might spend a lot of time on the phone! Why wouldn't you? It is fun to talk to strangers and

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Don’t Pay Attention to Dating Clichés

There are a lot of tropes when it comes to dating whether you are a single guy or a single girl. You might be stereotyped as someone who is an oaf, a ditz or a

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Do What it Takes to Talk on The Phone

When you want to chat on our dating phone line you may feel frustrated if you don't have a strong signal or something. Well, there is a story in the news that will not only

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Phone Dating: Perfect For the Socially Awkward and Shy

If you are someone who is socially awkward or shy then you might think that there is no hope for you, at least in the dating realm. However, we are here to help. We have

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Overcome Dating Fears

When you are doing free chat line dating you might be having a few anxieties or fears. However, they are completely unfounded and here is some more information about them. If you do phone dating

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How to Tell if a Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out

When you're talking on our dating chat lines for local singles you might be wondering how you can tell if people want you to ask them out. When it comes to women there are a few

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How to Hold Your Own Dating

Do you find yourself falling for just about anything that moves and any person who shows interest in you, only to have them quickly lose interest and fall out of favor? Well you may simply

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What is Ghosting

Ghosting is a term that you might encounter in phone lines for dating because it is something that can happen in any form of dating. It is when someone just stops responding to you because

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Finding the Best Dating Method for You

When you are single and ready to mingle - or not single and looking to add a third to your relationship, you may be having a hard time searching for the perfect method to find

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Weird Date Ideas

When you meet someone great on a hot phone chat line you may struggle with what to think of for a first date. You want to have a good time, but maybe you don't want to

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Is an Open Relationship for You?

Have you heard of an open relationship before? It's where you have a partner but you can date other people too. It's a great idea but it's definitely not for everyone. However, if you are

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Dating Changes As You Age

When you are dating in your twenties, you feel like everything is easy. This is because everyone is at the height of their attraction and attractiveness. They still have all those hormones coursing through them

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Phone Dating Trumps Elite Dating Apps

Some people just always need to feel better than others. They create their own little clubs and organizations in order to feel this way, and they always are flaunting how rich and powerful they are.

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New Revolutionary Phone Coming

There is a new phone that is coming to the market and it might be one that you would want to use to talk on our hot phone dating chat. It's called the Essential Phone

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Speak the Same Language

Even if you and your phone dating partner speak English, which you most likely will because most people who talk on our phone lines here are local to your city in America or Canada, where

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A Phone Date Success Story

When you are dating on the phone line you may wonder if this type of thing will even work. The answer is yes and we have so many people who have been happy with their

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Is Most Dating Advice Messed Up?

If you are here looking at our phone line dating site, then you may have been out in the world looking at a bunch of dating stuff too. There is a lot of advice out

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How to Know if A Guy is Into You

Ladies, there's a lot of advice for guys out there but you need some too especially when it comes to telling whether or not a dude likes you when you are talking on our free

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Matchmaking is a New Trend in Dating

People have become so tired with the online dating game that they are turning to an old fashioned way of meeting people which is known as matchmaking. It's basically where you hire a person to

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Phone News: Celebrity Chris Pine Uses a Flip Phone

Celebrities, they are just like us! You might be dissatisfied with your phone when you talk on the sex and dating phone line. You might wish you had a cool smart phone instead of your

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