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Follow Your Own Dating Advice

It's almost easier to listen to dating advice and not listen to your heart, but only you know if you like someone or not and if you will get a long with them. The best thing to do before a date is think about the kind of thing you are looking for in life and then you will be focused on what you want, not what the people who write magazine articles want for you.

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How to Be a Player and Not Get in Trouble

As you know already, there are many different types of people on Talk121 chat lines, and there may be someone who practices this lifestyle on the line. There are many books you can read about the topic in case you're wondering. One of them is called The Ethical Slut and it is almost a classic book in polyamorous circles. Others that you may want to check out are Sex and Dawn, which is about why people tend to have the desire to date multiple people at the same time.

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Basic Booty Call Tips

Booty calls are kind of like a relationship in which you can get some items removed from your sexual bucket list. After all, you probably don't have to answer to each other in the harsh light of day too often. Make a list of every freaky thing you've ever wanted to do and then see if your lover is into doing any of them. Once you find out what you both want to do, get out the sex toys or put on that kinky outfit you've always wanted to try because your fantasy is finally happening!

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How to Get a Hook Up

The best way to get a casual hook up is to use a Talk121 chat line to find one. You can just talk on the phone to a stranger from your local area who is looking for the same thing, and find out if you think you will be compatible. Remember, always meet in public before you go to a hook up's house. It's just a good idea for the safety of anyone meeting someone new from a chat line or online dating. Once you've determined that things can work, then you can get to hooking up and have a good time!

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Dating Advice: Get Out There

Before you get back out there following a bad break up, one thing that people can do is to make a list of the qualities that they want in a partner or date. You probably learned a lot in your previous relationship and your past will give you a better idea of what you want for the future. You will have to listen to your gut instincts while making this list, and when you head out there into the dating world you need to stick to your list.

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  • Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Have a picnic. This is a budget friendly date idea. You can make some sandwiches for a fraction of the cost it would take to eat out at a nice restaurant, grab some juice or wine and head out to a pretty spot for a memorable day at the park. You can also barbecue at a public space to show off your cooking skills.

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How to Tell if It’s Really Flirting

When the other person on the line hints at getting together for a date, that is also a sure sign of flirting. People don't talk about meeting in person on a chat line unless they really want to. If the person on the other end of the line is talking about going out in the future, you may want to take the step of being the one to initiate some solid conversation about the dating logistics.

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  • How to Avoid Awkward Silence In a Chat Line Phone Call

How to Avoid Awkward Silence In a Chat Line Phone Call

Keep the conversation going by providing thorough answers to your chat line partner's questions. One word responses aren't the best choice here. If you keep the conversation going, you will find that it quickly stops being a question and answer session and turns into more of a natural conversation, if there is some chemistry.

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Casual Rebounds are the Best

When you have a rough break up, you definitely need a distraction. Sure, there are other things like hobbies, exercise and spending time with friends, but a rebound is the best thing to take your mind off of things. It doesn't have to be anything serious, but it can be a lot of fun!

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Chat Line Dating for Single Parents

You definitely have to be up front about your family's situation. Tell them that you're a parent, how many you have and talk about your offspring. Any potential partner will need to be a part of their lives so you will want them to know, to see if they will get along. While it's important to talk about them, don't talk about them so much that the other person on the phone will be bored. Just let them know about your situation and a few facts like their hobbies and achievements.

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  • The Pros of Casual Dating

The Pros of Casual Dating

When dating someone that you don't really see a future with, there are some important things to keep in mind. Don't lead that person on. Let them know that your relationship is just casual and just for fun. If they feel the same way, the relationship can keep going. This can prevent you from leading someone on unintentionally. In addition, don't let yourself get stuck in something that is more serious than what you're actually looking for with that person, because that may cause you to pass up opportunities which could lead to an even happier ending for you.

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The Positive Side of a Break Up

When you get on Talk121 to start dating again, you will get to experience the best part of any relationship. The beginning part is when you feel all shiny and new and have lovely feelings that might make you do things that are out of the ordinary. This is known as new relationship energy or NRE for short. Breaking up means that you'll get to experience this again and maybe even more than once. It's really fun to have butterflies in your stomach for someone once again.

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Being Single Can Actually Be a Good Thing

When you're single, you get to spend a lot of time with your friends. You don't have any pressure to introduce them to your Talk121 hook ups, and you can keep your personal life and your love life separate. Lots of people enjoy this separation!

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Chat Line Date With Safety in Mind

Going on a chat line dateĀ is very safe, but there are some common sense safety tips that everyone should follow whenever they are meeting anyone they've never met before, whether it's through online dating or

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Myths About Chat Line Dating Dispelled

Some people think that talking on the phone is just awkward, so they have never tried a Talk121 chat line. This is also a myth. Talking on the phone is one of the best ways to get to know someone. It doesn't have to be awkward at all, you just have to put your skills of listening and talking to the test. It's easy to get comfortable with talking on the phone especially when you know that the payoff is a hot date!

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What You Can Find on Talk121

Booty calls are nice, and there is someone on here who wants one as badly as you. A booty call is when you have a friend who you get along with just fine who you can call up whenever you're feeling horny. There are tons of people on here looking for just that, doesn't it sound nice?

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The Lost Art of Talking on the Phone

Talking is easy. You know how to talk, right? All you have to do is open your mouth and the words will come out. Think about some questions you want to ask a potential date before you pick up the phone, and don't be shy. When you're in person you can see the body language and facial expression which make it easier to understand someone, but you don't have that on the phone, so be sure to express yourself well.

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Pick the Best Pictures for Online Dating

Do the Power Poses. Any pose in a photo where you appear strong and confident is a winner. People like to see someone who knows what's going on and is with it. When you look confident, people want to be around you and you seem enticing.

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The Dating Arc

The first date should be considered the interview. This is where you vet the person and see if you even like them or have anything in common. At the end of the first date or even in the middle you will have a good idea where you want the relationship to go. If it's a positive feeling then you will move on to date number two.

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  • Dating Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Dating Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Be Bold. Putting yourself out there is a good thing. When you were 20 you may have been scared to say what you really wanted in life. Now that you're older, you know that it's OK to ask for what you want...because that's how you get it!

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