Why Phone Chats are the Sexiest Way to Deal with Your In-Laws

By June Maohu
November 30th, 2022

It is probably written in some sort of parenting manual, somewhere, that the moment your offspring gets married, parents should become the most overbearing and annoying people possible. While this...


Finding a Thanksgiving Phone Date

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November 23rd, 2022

Thanksgiving Day is all about remembering all the things you’re thankful for throughout the year, and this Thanksgiving, these chatline partners are thankful for you. Right in the middle of...


How to Get Away with Phone Sex During Thanksgiving Break

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November 17th, 2022

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Finding Time for Sexy Phone Chats During the Holidays

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November 9th, 2022

Fall and winter are easily the busiest time of the year, weather you’re a parent, a spouse, or a sexy and free single. Between all the holidays and work winding...


Fall Phone Chat Topics to Keep Your Partner Engaged

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November 3rd, 2022

Fall is the perfect time to make those panties fall to the floor with the need and desire of passionate pleasure. The colors outside are beautiful and the weather is...