Bringing Santa to Bed with You

By Carisa Grandon
December 24th, 2022
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Ho, ho, ho, let’s see some mistletoe! The holidays are fast approaching, and Santa wants to get naughty with his package, this year! Stay in the holiday spirit with your sexy phone chats by bringing some holiday-themed role play into your phone sex. If you aren’t great when it comes to imagination, that’s okay, because we’re here to help! Roleplay opens a whole world of different sexual adventures that everyone should try, at least once!

If you are a visual person, consider dressing up and sitting in front of the mirror! Santa’s soft red hat doesn’t have to rest on your head, if you’re using it to tease and entice your partner. A soft velvety costume with give you stimulation and sensations that just being naked can’t provide, and the sensory play is always exciting! If you enjoy a skimpier outfit, consider incorporating stockings and different textures for your fabric so you can still enjoy the sensory play while also giving yourself a show.

Are you a naughty elf? Verbal roleplay can get your fire burning hot, if you have a vivid imagination. Describe your favorite outfit and get naughty in Santa’s workshop. Make all of your favorite sex toys, then act as a loyal product tester! Let your partner punish you with table tennis paddles or candy canes when you make a mistake. You have a whole workshop at your disposal and some holiday magic to make things work just right for you!

Do you prefer playing games? Maybe it’s time to pull out that dreidel from your memory box and make some new rules for each side. Spin the dreidel and do whatever your naughty toy tells you, whether it’s a genital massage, a tender kiss on the nipples, or something even more adventurous! Take a spin and let fate decide: foreplay or complete satisfaction?

Whether you’re a naughty elf, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, or just enjoying the fun and roleplay as yourself, you can still bring plenty of holiday cheer and excitement to your phone sex! If you aren’t one for the actual holidays, then enjoy the season as a whole! Try incorporating food and other seasonal symbols into your roleplay! Show your partner where you’d lick the frosting off their gingerbread person first. Enjoy some temperature place with some snow next to the fireplace. Light some candles and get adventurous with some hot wax!

The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your own imagination and pleasures. Pull out your favorite toys and give yourself the gift of holiday orgasms! Have fun with the season and don’t forget to let loose and play whenever you can!