Charge Your Phone at the Amusement Park

By Bhavani Kannan
March 28th, 2018

One theme park has announced a new feature that can help you charge your phone. You never know when you are going to want to talk on the chat line and when you’re out of juice you may need to look for the best charging source. Well, a new ride at an amusement park called Thorpe Park announced a new roller coaster that collects energy based on the screams of the riders so you can charge your phone. It’s the newest innovation in the theme park world apparently. It also collects energy from the energy of the roller coaster itself. The ride features red LED lights that show riders how loud their screams are getting to show them how much electricity they are generating, but the makers of the new ride say that most people will not be paying attention to that because the ride has so many spooky twists and turns.

Scientists say that this technology will definitely be used in the future on other rides to help amusement park attendees charge their devices. This is great for you because now you know that any time you want to talk on a chat line you will be able to get the job done. You will be able to find a charging station that is powered by screams or something else and you will have the juice in your battery to talk to anyone you want. When the rest of your crew is on the roller coasters that you hate, you don’t need to sit around and be bored. You can pick up the phone and talk to whoever you want while everyone else is getting sick from going around too much on the rides! If you like your feet firmly planted on the floor going on a chat line is the best thing to do at an amusement park!