Why Chat Line Dates are Better than Blind Dates

By Bhavani Kannan
July 6th, 2016
Why Chat Line Dates are Better than Blind Dates

Blind dates can be fun, but they are so hit or miss! When you go on a blind date, your friends set you up but you never know if they really know you well enough to pick the best person for you to go out on a date with. Blind dates are awkward because you don’t know anything about the person before you go out with them. They could have a strange job, political views that just aren’t compatible with yours or any number of things that just wouldn’t work out for you. This is why a lot of people turn down blind dates when they get set up by their friends and instead go home and pick up the phone to use a Talk121 chat line.

Chat line dates are so much better than blind dates, and to find out why, all you have to do is give Talk121 a try. Basically, with Talk121 chat lines you can easily talk to someone before you go out with them in person, which means you will know before you spend money on dinner or drinks if you are compatible. You’ll get to talk for as long as you want and have conversations about anything under the sun to determine whether or not you want to go out.

Then, when you actually get to the date part of the experience, you will know that you at least have some things in common with your potential match. When your family and friends set you up, they might think they know you well, but really the one who knows you the best is yourself! That’s why chat lines are so great. You can set yourself up for dates with people who you know you will be compatible with, which has a good chance of leading to something good.