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Zack from Syracuse write...

After going to my high school prom a few years ago without a date I realized my lack of success with women had to change and I needed a kick in the butt. Over the past couple of years I tried many online and phone dating services with a mediocre amount of success. I found the monthly bills and the small amount dates I'd been on didn't add up so I squashed the idea of meeting a nice woman through that avenue because it wasn't a viable option. When I noticed Talk 121 was free to call and they were offering a no chat sign up option I said what the heck and called. I was amazed with the amount of people partying it up on Talk 121 every night. I'm buying a minute package because it's cheaper than any dating service I've used before and because Talk 121 is packed with people on their lines at all times.

Talk121 Is The Ultimate Chat Room No Signup!

Bill from Freemont writes...

I have no shame in saying that I use Talk 121 because I've probably been on more bad dates than anyone out there. The thing that jumped out at my about Talk 121 is the ability you have to get to know someone before deciding to go on a date with them. I spent hours talking to Mandy about everything from her life goals to her favorite hobbies. We found that we both had a lot in common with each other before meeting in person. It was a very enjoyable experience going out to dinner with her and I'm very happy I decided to take advantage of the no chat sign up at Talk 121. The service gave me all the free time I needed to find my way around before I decided to purchase a minute package. I was also quite taken back by the amount of people from the Freemont area on the chat line at one time.

Chat No Signup Required, Just Start Chatting!

Wanda from Miami writes...

I want to personally thank Talk 121 for hooking me up with an absolutely incredible guy. I met Jeremy about two months ago after deciding I really needed to me a new a different kind of guy after dating university guys the past few years. Well I never could have imagined meeting a DJ who plays at some of the coolest clubs in Miami. I've always enjoyed listening to house and techno music during my spin classes at my local gym but have never really been to a club to listen to that stuff. Now I have a behind the scenes look because I've been to a couple of Jeremy's shows and I sit right behind him in the DJ booth. I was about to purchase a minute's package with Talk 121 but after I used the free chat no sign up and hooked up with Jeremy so quickly I haven't bothered yet. If things don't work out with Jeremy I'll defiantly be back to use Talk 121 and purchase a minute package.

  •  Talk121 Chat Line
  •  Talk121 Chat Line

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