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Augusta, Maine is a very special place in the state which many know as “vacationland.”The small city is the capital of the state, even though it only has a population of about 20,000 people. Many people who work in Augusta live in the surrounding countryside and commute into the city, making it’s daily population blossom during the workweek. If you find yourself living or working in Augusta and single, use Augusta’s local singles party lines to meet the person you have been waiting to find.

There is plenty to do in Augusta on a date, no matter what time of year it is. There is a branch of the University of Maine there, so there are quite a few intelligent people around to choose from. There are also a few things happening at night in the area around the university. One local favorite is a place called Charlemagne’s. It has good brews on tap and fun music. There is also a trivia night that you could attend if you want to impress your date with all of your random knowledge.

If you wanted to learn all about Maine with your date, you can go to the Maine State Museum. It has all sorts of relics from the development of Maine and you can see how the state was formed and learn about everything that has happened since then.

Of course, as almost anywhere in Maine, Augusta is a great place for anyone who has met on chat websites who also loves the outdoors. In the winter the whole place becomes a wonderland of snow and ice that is perfect for cross country skiing. In the summer there is plenty of hiking around.

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