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El Monte is a small city in SoCal with a population of just over 110,000 people. Even though it’s in a traditionally dry area, it’s position between two rivers allowed food to be grown there, making it a popular settlement site. Most of the people who live here are Hispanic, and there are a lot of bilingual…and bisexual folks! If you speak Spanish or English, the chances are you can find someone to chat with on this local chat line! The actress Emily Rios is from here and if you think she is hot there are tons of other babes who look like her from here.

Free chat rooms no registration may sound great, but when you think about online chat rooms where you are just typing to a stranger, you may begin to realize that it’s not the best idea. What can you really learn from a person when they are typing to you from the other side of the screen? You don’t know what they sound like, and they can tell you a lot about themselves but how can you really know for sure. Short of video chatting, voice chatting is the next best thing. You can tell a lot about a person by their voice and how they say things. You don’t want to get stuck wasting your time talking to some chick who says she’s 20 but is really 40!

Anonymous chat rooms were the inspiration for our chat lines. You can be as anonymous as you want yet still talk to someone so they have a good feeling for who you are and what you’re about. You will definitely know whether or not someone is a guy or a girl, old or young, nice or mean, by talking to them on the phone and getting a feel for how they are!