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Santa Rosa, CA used to be known as a friendly hippy town but now it is a place where people who work in the tech industry tend to live. Either way it is a beautiful place and it is growing quite quickly, filling up with hot single professionals who want to meet each other but it can be hard since everyone is so busy. Free chat sites are probably the number one way to meet so you can just pick up the phone and talk to someone new. It’s an easy thing to do and you’re probably wondering why you haven’t done it just yet!

Live free chat line numbers will have you stuck to your chat for hours, and with so much to do in Santa Rosa, you’ll get out of it as soon as you get the personal phone number of a hottie and go out on a date. The Railroad Square area is kind of like the downtown place. This is where you will find many date worthy restaurants and hot spots to go out for a nice night out. Otherwise, you can go for a hike nearby as the outskirts of the city are prime areas for beautiful vistas and quiet trails.

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