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Victoria British Columbia is a beautiful city of just a bit more than 85,000 people. It’s on the west coast of Canada and has beautiful vistas of the ocean. It’s pretty close to the US city of Seattle, and it is the capital of British Columbia. It is known as The Garden City because there are lots of green spaces and plenty of gardens and parks to enjoy. Of course, if you are a boater you will also be familiar with this place because it is very popular for that. You can even take ferries from here to other west coast destinations. There are many college students around here who come and go as the semesters pass by. College student or professional, using the Local 100% Free Chat Line to meet other singles is the best way to date around here.

West coast phone dating is really exciting. You just pick up the phone and get started talking to some stranger that you’ve never even met before. The rule of not talking to strangers does not apply here, because this is on the phone and you can stay as anonymous as you want until you are ready to divulge some information. Then you can meet up in person with a phone friend if you want, and see what develops in person as you stroll through one of the many parks or take in a beautiful sight around the town.

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