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Manchester, NH is a picturesque town in New England. It has about 100,000 people in it, making it a small but bustling area with a cute downtown and lots to do. When you’re single in Manchester, it’s easy to stay inside and mope, but by just picking up the phone and trying local chat sites, you can turn that frown upside down and find someone to enjoy this awesome place with. Give it a shot and find a Manchester date today using free live chat lines.

Even though Manchester is relatively small as far as cities and towns go, there are tons of museums to keep anyone interested. The Currier Museum of Art has an extensive collection that includes paintings, photos and sculptures. They have works of art by key historic artists including Picasso and Frank Lloyd Wright. A part of the museum is actually the Zimmerman House, a home that was designed by Mr. Wright that follows his belief that architecture can complement the surrounding nature.

If you would rather watch sports or a concert, head over to the Verizon Wireless Arena. It can seat nearly 10,000 people who come to watch famous musicians, and their favorite hockey or basketball teams playing a match. It is where the Manchester Monarchs, the local pro hockey team, plays, and sometimes the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins play pre-season games.

If you want to go see the nature surrounding the town of Manchester, there is plenty to do with a date, and you don’t have to go far. Take a romantic walk over to Amoskeag Falls which is located in the town. It’s a small but beautiful 50 foot waterfall that has added a lot to the history of the town. You can also head over to Crystal Lake to go fishing or swimming on a hot summer’s day.

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