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Newport News, VA might sound like the name of a magazine or newspaper, but you can rest assured that it is actually a quaint town of about 180,000 on the Virginia coast. The singles of the area often resort to a free chat line because they realize that is the best way to enjoy the seaside attractions and beautiful nature of this town. You can try it too, and then take your date out to enjoy the place!

This town is part of the south and the cuisine here makes it known. Arguably the best place in town for cuisine Second Street Newport News. They have a mixture of classic cuisine and seafood – which is fresh due to the town’s proximity to the ocean. You will notice that the food here does always have a taste of the sea with delicacies like crab cakes and shrimp and grits.

If you’d rather have an educational experience using free party lines then head to the Virginia War Museum. You’ll love seeing the exhibits which feature weapons, uniforms and more from different periods of American History. If you and your date are especially patriotic, then this choice might be a good one for a dating activity.

If you’d rather go to a concert, then the Ferguson Center for the Arts will be your stop. You can view classical performances here for a fancy night out, see musical theater or just view some dramatic theater here. For those who appreciate the arts – this is the place for you.

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