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San Mateo is a city situated in the county of the same name in California. It is part of the SF Bay Area and it is also part of the famous Silicon Valley area where lots of technology companies have their headquarters. Therefore, the San Mateo of today is quite different than the San Mateo of yesterday! Just like the rest of the Bay Area, the weather here is just divine. It never gets too cold in the winter, and it doesn’t typically get too hot in the summers. Most days the weather is perfectly agreeable and people can go outside in whatever clothes they choose to wear – except their prized fur coat of course.

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For those who are looking to CA chat on the DL, maybe you are already in a relationship and just looking for some phone fun or you want to have a good time with someone in person. Don’t worry. The people on here are very discreet and they would never judge. They understand that sometimes you just want to use a phone chat line free trial 30 minutes, ok?