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After you’ve used chatting websites to meet your match, this is a really great city to go out in. The Roger Williams Park Zoo is one of the top things to do around here because it is one of the best zoos in the area. It’s in a park which is nice to walk around in before you go into the zoo part of the green area, and there is even a part where you might get the chance to interact with a kangaroo! They have elephants and lots of other really popular animal exhibits.

As this is a place that has historic implications from colonial times, there are lots of history tours you can go on, and the city itself is full of historical importance. There are river boat cruises which will take you up and down the local river in town. One of the most popular cruises is one called the FireWater Tour and it will take you through a bright and blazing art exhibit which they have set up on the river for viewing pleasure. It’s quite the way to cause a spark to start a relationship!

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