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Sacramento, California, or Sac as it is sometimes called by the locals is a place to be when you want to live in sunshine. It is the capital of California so there are lots of things going on there, and there are tons of worthwhile singles as well. Everyone in Sac knows that the number to party chat lines is the best way to meet other singles in town and so they do. That’s why there are tons of hot singles on the other end of chat lines waiting for you.

Sacramento offers some great things to do when you have a date you’ve met on a party line. You can go to a great vegetarian restaurant called Mother. You don’t have to be a veg head to enjoy the food in this place because it’s all so delicious you might forget that there is no meat in it. They have a new pasta dish pretty much every single day that they make by hand and their menu is always changing with great gourmet options. It’s a local favorite that will impress anyone you meet on the chat line.

Another fun thing to do in Sac is to visit the state building. It’s the capital where historic legislation takes place in the state. Even if you just walk by it’s a building with an iconic status that is fun to look at.

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