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St. Petersburg, Florida is a great city in the Tampa Bay area. It has about 250,000 people in it which means that some sun loving Florida singles need a bit of assistance to find the other singles in the St. Petersburg area. They usually turn to a local phone chat free trial to talk on the phone with local singles to meet up for a date.

St. Pete’s is a great place to enjoy the sunshine with anyone you like. It is the city that holds the world record for the most consecutive days of sunshine – 768 sunny days in a row – and it averages 361 sunny days per year. Most people in the city are happy about their sunny lives, and they just need someone else to enjoy them with.

Going to the beach is one of the most obvious things to do in St. Petersburg, and there are tons of beaches around. You will get to see your date in their hot bathing suit if you choose to do this on a date. Enjoy laying on the beach or get in the water. There are also plenty of seaside dining establishments to fill you up after a day of soaking in the rays.

St. Pete’s is about more than just sun and sand, though. It is home to a wonderful Salvador Dali Museum where you can see many pieces of this unique artist. Another wonderful place to take a date is called Sundial. It is located in downtown St. Petersburg and it has tons of lovely restaurants, cute shops and is a generally great area to walk around when you’ve got someone special you want to get to know. Downtown St. Pete is just about 10 miles from the beach, so you know this town was built for both business and pleasure.

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