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People who don’t live in Connecticut don’t know how awesome the city of Stamford is. There are so many singles there that they use Talk121 local chat numbers to meet up with each other. There is industry, commerce, nature and lots of fun to be had in Stamford so call a Stamford chat line today to find out who you can meet in the area! Enjoy the New England summers and winters with someone special.

Ocean lovers will find lots of romantic things to occupy their time. Take a long stroll at the Cove Island Park where you can have a little barbecue, take a walk, rollerblade or bike by the shore. It’s on a little island which makes it a beautiful place to get to know someone. You can also walk along the pier at Cummings Park, which is great for those who enjoy fishing or walking along the scenic trails in the park.

If you want a more inside type of date, head to the downtown area which is full of great shops to browse and gourmet restaurants where you can get to know someone over delicious meals. There are also quite a few theaters downtown, where you can see plays, live music and other entertainment after taking in some of the great cuisine.

Stamford is a great place at any time of year, but especially from June to December when there are lots of festivals and events taking place before the cold winter and unpredictable spring weather comes in. There are live music performances out on the street, arts and crafts fairs, and even a helium balloon parade to enjoy.

Stamford is a nice place to put down roots, but it’s even better when you enjoy it with someone else. So call up a telephone chat line on Talk121 and get to meeting someone so you can enjoy this city to the fullest.

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