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Syracuse New York is a city that is known for long cold winters but it is so much more than that. With a big university in town, it is teaming with smart people who want to get to know each other. Many of these people turn to free numbers for chat to meet each other. It’s one of the best ways to find someone to snuggle up with during the long, cold and blustery winter.

When searching for something to do in Syracuse, you don’t have to do much research because there is a lot to choose from. At any time of year taking a date to the downtown area of the city, especially Armory Square is a great idea. There are tons of great restaurants to get a bite to eat and fun shops to browse. There is also another similar area called Hanover Square that is a bit smaller but has enough to do along the same lines. Both these squares have clubs and bars too, if you want to get to know your date over a great cocktail.

All chat lines with free trial lead to the same place: A great date. Syracuse has an adorable Little Italy section that still has a few delicious authentic Italian bakeries and shops. Eating a cannoli is a great way to make someone feel sweet on you! Syracuse’s Little Italy is also a fabulous place to get a really great slice of pizza.

If you are in a real party mode it’s a great idea to head over to University Hill. This is closer to the university in town and so there are some raucous venues that typically cater to students. There are also some really great restaurants in this area. One spot that is perfect for a date is known as Phoebe’s. It is highly rated and is right across the street from the Syracuse Stage so you could grab a nice diner and then see a show.

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