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Washington DC is the perfect place to rub shoulders with the political elite, or just spend time in a historically significant and interesting city. It’s an amazing place to pass some time with a date as there are tons of fun things to do and areas to explore. Having a companion always makes going out even more fun. Use Talk121’s free chat website to meet someone soon!

Of course you can go check out the National Mall which is where many important monuments of this country stand. The Washington Monument, which is quite phallic in nature, is a fun one to visit with a date. On the other side of the mall stands the Lincoln Memorial with lots of steps that can get your heart pumping with a date. In this area so many museums and memorials that you could easily spend a whole day with a DC date learning about many different things.

If history is not your thing, DC has a lot to offer anyone who has met using free trial singles chat lines. The cuisine of the city is very variable, as people come there from all over the world both for business and pleasure. As the culture is a global one, you can find almost every type of food. There are some of the best Chinese restaurants, Japanese joints and even German places to enjoy. If you’re a foodie or just interested in trying a new type of cuisine, DC is a fabulous place to go out to eat with a date.

If you want to snuggle up to your date and get a little closer, there are quite a few clubs that cater to adults who want to dance the night away, including the 18th Street Lounge. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try heading to an event that is part of the DC swinger scene or a kinky play party!

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