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Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a beautiful place to be single but it’s an even better place to be in a relationship. It’s actually a “twin city” made up of the two separate towns of Winston and Salem. It is where singles of the Mid-Atlantic and South meet up to get together to create great things together. Use a Free Trial Chat Line to get started with a new date today.

Winston-Salem is a place that is well loved by history buffs. There is a historic section of the town that has been preserved as it was in the 18th century known as Old Salem Historic District. Take a stroll around and wonder at how people ever lived without cell phones, or just snuggle up as you learn about the historic origins of things in the area. This area contains the Salem Tavern which is the most perfect place to grab a bite in a very historic building.

For more recreational activities, one popular activity in the city is definitely going to NASCAR races at Bowman Grey Stadium. It’s the oldest weekly racetrack used by the organization, and thus is is a reliable place to go for fun all of the time.

If you want to get out of the city for a bit, then there are lots of farms, especially wineries in the surrounding fields. Take a date on a special trip for wine tasting and see what kind of sparks develop!

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