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Worcester, Mass is a great city that is named after a town of the same name in England. The city of about 180,000 has a number of higher education institutions, so you can bet that the population of the town is probably smarter than usual. That’s why so many of them use Talk121’s Free Trial Chatting Sites, because they are free to try and easy to use.

One popular area to take someone on a date you’ve met on chatting numbers is Shrewsbury Street. It is in what is known as the Little Italy area of town, but the place isn’t all Italian anymore. Nowadays you will find the most popular places to eat and grab a drink or dance for a fun night out on the town here. Another place to have a fun evening is known as the Canal District, where there are many clubs, bars and restaurants to keep your weekend fun.

New England is known for some cute diners that look like train cars, and Worcester has four of them, as it is where they actually manufactured many of the buildings for these diners. They are usually open late night, if not 24 hours a day and have delicious American classics. Come after the party with your date to fill up on burgers, fries and pickles.

There is a vibrant arts scene in Worcester. Check out the Hanover Theater for Performing Arts with a date to see the touring cast of a Broadway show, or visit the home of the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, Tuckerman Hall, to see a concert of classical music.

If you’d rather get out and take in some fresh air with someone special, there are tons of green spaces to enjoy. The college campuses are great for this, but there is also Elm Park and Green Hill Park, two huge outdoor areas to get some sun or play in the snow during the winter.

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