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Yakima is a small city of about 90 thousand people near the beautiful Mt. Ranier in Washington State. It is a lovely place to live, and an even more lovely place to find a date on a Yakima chat line, whether you want someone for tonight or someone for the long haul. It is located in a highly agricultural region – but not the fruits and vegetables you might think! Lots of wine and hops which are used for beer are grown in the area surrounding Yakima, so it is a fun place to go on a wine tour with a special someone you’ve met on a free chat lines number.

Though it is a small city, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained on a date. There are a few festivals throughout the year which would be greatly enhanced by the presence of a date. Arguably the most fun of these is the Fresh Hop Ale Festival which celebrates the region’s importance as a hops growing area. Come with someone important and taste all the beers of the region while celebrating the fall harvest with fellow Washingtoners.

Another fun thing to do in the area is to watch one of the AAA or minor league teams play a game. There is a baseball team, the Yakima Beetles, and a football team, the Yakima Mavericks who play in the area. The baseball team was even the world champion of the American Legion league three times! What better way to enjoy an American past time than with a date?

Yakima is a beautiful town that is best shared with someone special. Meet that person on a Yakima chat line or online chat. You will be happy that you did, and then you will be able to enjoy all the Yakima has to offer with an exciting new love interest, or a hook up friend using free telephone chat numbers!

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