Find a Music Festival Babe for Sasquatch

By Bhavani Kannan
May 4th, 2017

The Sasquatch Music Festival isn’t something where everyone tries to learn calls to attract the mythical being. No, it’s something much more fun than that! It’s a music festival that takes place in a town called George, Washington, which hardly has anyone living in it. However, most of the people who attend the festival are actually from Seattle or Spokane Washington because it’s definitely a thing that city people like to do to get away from it all. They come to relax in the beautiful surroundings and hear the hottest bands of the day. If you want to go, but don’t have a date, then you should get on the local chat sites for your area and make a new connection!

The festival always has the hottest acts. In 2015 Sleater-Kinney, Modest Mouse and Kendrick Lamar were the headliners. In 2017 you can look forward to acts like Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper and The Shins to light up your life. It’s pretty clear that this would be way better with a partner in crime, so adult teen party lines are the place to start. This is definitely an event that college students will love, so now’s your chance to get with that hot coed you’ve been wanting to meet!

Find out what it is like to go to a cool music festival by attending this one, which is pretty low key and fun. It is a wild party but there are also lots of food tents and other vendors which give you a break from the action. When you go to the event, most people camp out, and it’s a great opportunity to get cozy with someone in your sleeping bag, like your date from chat sites. Just remember to stay hydrated and to wear your sunscreen, and you’ll all be sure to have an amazing time.