Never Go on Blind Dates Again

By Bhavani Kannan
March 25th, 2017

When it comes to dating, blind dates are kind of the worst. Your friends or family set you up with people who they think are cool, but they are really just thinking of themselves and what they want for you, which is why they always seem to set you up with people who aren’t quite right. You can avoid the whole blind date thing all together when you use the option to chat with strangers – who will soon become more than strangers! You just have to pick up the phone and start to talk to whoever you get connected with who will be good for you. When you find the one you connect with, you can agree to meet up in person.

When you do meet up, it won’t be a blind date at all. First of all, you will already know a bunch about the person so you will already know if you like each other or not. On a free chat line number you will get to know people before you meet up so there doesn’t have to be that awkward moment who you find something that doesn’t work for you – and you need to jet from the date. You can talk about all of the things you want out of a dating relationship before you even meet up and say hello in person. Of course physical attraction is important, but that usually happens when you know someone and you are also attracted to their personality.

Avoid blind dates and chat with strangers instead. Your friends and family may have your best interests in mind but they are not you and they’re not inside of your head. You’ll be able to meet the people who are the best for you when you just sit down at home and pick up the phone.