A Free Chat That is Easy to Use!Brian from Hartford writes...

I really like your chat site. It is really convenient because I can log on anywhere. I normally go on your local chat site at home, but I frequently log on at work too. It is nice to have an chat site that isn’t full of pop ups-it makes it easy to log on at work. I first decided to become a member because I was so impressed with your chat site. Everything I needed to know was answered on your site-it has a good Q&A section. It is great that you have 24 hour customer service, but I never needed to call because all of the information I needed was on your chat site.

New to Seattle, Your Chat Made It Easy!Crystal from Seattle writes...

Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know how you’ve helped me! This chat line was a really good, free way for me to meet guys in the area. I had just moved to Seattle when I first tried the line, and I mainly chose it because it was free for me. I didn’t know anyone, but now thanks to your free chat line, I’ve always got something to do on the weekends. And when I’m on the adult chat line I get to be as naughty or nice as I want because I record a new greeting free, each time I got on! This is a great free chat for anyone who wants to explore their local area!

Chatting on Talk121 is Tops!Andrea from Tampa writes...

I started chatting on your Seattle phone lines when I moved here from Tampa, two months ago. I was brand new to town, and everyone seemed so stuck-up and unfriendly! I was even shy to go to restaurants and coffee shops, because every time I opened my mouth some snobby Seattle grunge person would make fun of my Florida accent. I can’t help it that I was born in the South... or that the Pacific Northwest is full of judgmental types who can’t make a newcomer feel welcome! So chatting on your lines kept me from being lonely, when I wanted to just pack my bags and fly right back to beautiful Tampa. Now I’m doing better - I have a great job, and I’m going out with the girls from work every Friday night. I still haven’t met that special someone yet, though, so gentlemen, this Southern Belle is ready and looking! I still like chatting on your phone lines, because people are really willing to listen, and it’s a great way to relax after a tough day. Best of all, y’all seem to love my accent! I get so many requests for private chat, just for being a Southern Miss! Sometimes I wish meeting men in real life was as easy as chatting on your phone lines. Thank you for making me feel welcome in Tampa!

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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