Phone Charging Wars

By Bhavani Kannan
July 26th, 2017

Well if you are a frequent user of a chatline for dating then you know that some mobile phones simply charge faster than others. And some hold their charge a whole lot better than other ones. The main difference is that Android phones can usually charge faster than iPhones. This is even a feature that the makers advertise as a feature that might make you buy theirs over an iPhone. It is proven online in videos and these are not videos done by people marketing the phones. They are usually done by random people who just like to test different electronics!

Well, this is apparently because those people using Android phones to access phone dating have a technology on their phones called Quick Charge which was developed by Qualcomm. It’s basically a special chip that makes the phone able to charge up to 3 times faster! Well, like everything with Apple, they don’t use third party chips, so the Qualcomm chip is only found in some non-Apple phones. So business insiders say that Apple would have to develop their own quick charging chip to give users on a chatline for dating a similar experience with phone charging as their Android counterparts.

Luckily in this day and age there is never an outlet too far away and even if your phone takes an extra 15 or 30 minutes to charge, it’s not too bad. Plus if you are driving around in a car, you can always charge it there too. However long your phone does take to charge really shouldn’t interfere with your phone dating habits all so pick up the phone and plug your phone in! It’s a decision that will get you rolling on some hot and sexy times in your future for sure!