Use Your Smartphone To Eliminate Dangerous Noise Exposure

By Bhavani Kannan
May 21st, 2018

There are several new studies underway which focus on environmental noise, and the impact it has on human health. Repeated or steady noise doesn’t just causing hearing loss, but actual stress damage to the heart (and general cardiovascular system). Most of our cities maintain a steady hum largely above 70 decibels, punctuated by bursts of sound up to 130 decibels, which is far beyond what is considered safe! The U.S. is taking a hard look at the research, following trends in European countries, which have already instituted night time ordinances in cities to reach no greater than 40, and daytime freeway noise to never reach above 50 decibels.

What can we do to decrease noise pollution? We’ll have to wait for Washington to survey the studies to determine what, if any, new policies we’ll have to follow (depending on where we live). Okay, so what can we do right now to decrease our exposure to noise pollution? We already depend on headphones to drown out most of it, including the droning or obnoxious voices of people we’re sick of. But did you know that you can use that same phone to find sounds – and voices – that we do want to listen to?

Chatlines aren’t just geeky ways of getting together in a virtual world to share gaming strategy. It isn’t just chatter, and more endless noise to increase your stress. Today’s phone dating apps make it super easy to find people you genuinely want to listen to! You’re free to flirt with as many hot local singles as you wish, until you find that perfect person with whom you can plan a weekend getaway to the woods, where both of you will find relief from not only the noise of the city, but escape from your lonely life spent surrounded by millions of strangers. Or, set up a date in a quiet, cozy cafe for your first meeting! It’s entirely up to you! Put that phone to good use, and let phone dating heal your heart, in more ways than one!!