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By Bhavani Kannan
February 16th, 2017
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In this day and age where people tend to meet up after getting to know each other on chat line phone numbers or dating apps, bartenders have seen a whole lot of first dates, because bars are generally the number one place where people go out to have a good time while they get to know someone for the first time in person. As such, they have some great dating advice for people who are out and about hoping to get lucky. Some bartenders interviewed said that their number one piece of advice is for you to be nice to the bar staff, not only because it’s in their best interest, but also because if you are rude your date might judge you! Tip nicely and always say please and thank you.

Other bartenders say that their advice is to mix it up with the cocktails and water. Have a delicious mixed one and then sip on a glass of water. This will prevent you from becoming too out of your wits and acting like a fool on your date. You want to loosen up, but you also want to have a great time. Pacing yourself will make your date a big winner. Other barkeeps recommend getting unique with your beverage choices. Don’t stick to your old favorites.

Perhaps get something that is big enough to share or something which shows the sides of you that you’d like to show off to your date.

The final piece of advice is to not squabble when the bill comes. If your date insists on splitting things, take them at their word that it is OK for them. Some women are very adamant about equality, and if you’re going to be dating using one of our chat line phone numbers, you have to be OK with that!

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