The Spoleto Festival Calls for a Date

By Bhavani Kannan
May 5th, 2017
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The Spoleto Festival might sound like something weird involving a whole bunch of spaghetti, but it’s actually a big drama festival that takes place in Charleston, WV. It is the American counterpart to another festival that takes place in Italy in the town of the same name as the festival. The planners of the festival were Italian and they wanted to pick a city that was somewhat European, where you could walk from the theaters to the other theaters. The festival takes place once a year, for 17 days in May and June. There are tons of events going on during this festival, and it’s a time when you really want to have a date on your side. That’s why you should try chatting sites before the festival hits to make sure you have a date to attend all the theatrical performances and musical shows.

There are over 150 performances during the 17 day festival, and chances are there will be something to pique your interest. You probably want to show up to it with someone on your arm and you will love to have a discussion about the implications afterwards. Live free chat line numbers are your gateway to this type of interaction and after the show if things go well maybe you can go home and have your own little intimate show together.

When you get on the line for chatting sites, you will probably already find a bunch of people who have an interest in going to the event which will take place from May 26-June 11 of this year. Don’t show up without a date and end up feeling lonely and low, you’re worth more than that. Get a gal who will accompany you properly, and who will make you feel like a million bucks.