Talk121 Scores Large with ChattingAmy from Clearwater writes...

The clubs and bars around my area are, well, not so great, and the guys are really pretty dorky for the most part. Looking for a way I can be chatting with guys that are a bit more mature and looking for fun I tried Talk121. I am SO GLAD I did - since I started I have had some of the most stimulating conversations of my life. I was so suprised to say the least, chatting hours a night is the norm for me now. Also met up with quite a few in person and all have become good friends of mine. Thank you SO MUCH Talk121, you guys are legends!

Chatting Is Best Past TimeHugo from Maryland writes...

Was chatting with a few girls the other night on Talk121, they were hilarious. I always come across total bitches at night clubs when out with my buddies, but the Talk121 girls are always just chilled out and chatting about whatever, wanting the same thing I want - a good bloody time!! Next time any girls are on the Talk121 lines look for Hugo! 🙂

Love Chatting, Talk121 SatisfiesAmber from San Diego writes...

I'm the kind of gal that loves chatting, and when I'm on Talk121 I definitely get to do exactly that. I'll be chatting to one guy, then the next minute another - barely have a chance to take a breath, so exciting and fun. The other night I started chatting at like 1am, and by the time I was done I already heard the birds chirping - it was the morning time LOL! I gotta say, its a blast.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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