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Cushioning is the act of keeping several people on the back burner when you are dating someone but you’re not ready to commit. Cushioning is frequently done by people who really don’t want to be alone and who are maybe cheating but only emotionally. Imagine this – you’re dating a guy and you think it’s going really well, but then you find out that he has three other girls who he texts with for hours each day. He tells them everything about his life – including his emotional fights with you. He doesn’t fuck them or anything, but the emotional intimacy keeps them coming back for more. How would that make you feel? Some people feel that it would almost be better for a guy to cheat on his girl. Or how about this – a chick stays really good friends with her ex who she still has good feelings for, just in case things don’t work out with her current man. Those are two prime examples of cushioning.

Are you tired of being put on the back burner or being the one who is not quite the one but always on call? Find someone who will make you the center of attention on the phone chat hotlines. Or, if you are not being centered in your relationship and you want to put some people on the back burner and develop some new hot relationships, try the chat lines. There are people here who could want both sides of the cushioning coin. Cushioning isn’t necessarily bad, it just depends on what you think about it and what you would like from it. So, get on the chat line and avoid people who don’t treat you the way you don’t want to be treated. You’ll be glad you have got us on your side!

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