I Love Chatting on Talk121!

Patricia from New Haven writes...

I live here in New Haven, and often, it’s hard to meet men. It doesn’t help that I work 6am-2pm. I can’t help that I’m in community college, and I have to pay my tuition by working the only shift available at the gas station! And I’m not ashamed of working at the gas station: people need gas, and I can study in between customers. But what I want to tell you is this: I love chatting on your local phone lines. When I get bored or sleepy I just call your local numbers and soon, I am chatting away with some interesting guy who doesn’t care if I pump gas or not! It’s like I can be the best person I am, and the people who listen to my introduction are hearing the real me. Not the gas-pumper or the community college girl, but the REAL person I want to be. Yesterday morning I ended up chatting with a guy who goes to Yale…I couldn’t believe it, because he was just totally normal and cool, not stuck-up in the slightest. It makes me think that when I get my community college degree, I might be able to transfer. How cool is that??? Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that this Connecticut girl really appreciates your phone chatting service. You give me something to do, and something to shoot for.

Dating chat has been incredible!

Trevor from Phoenix writes...

Living here, it is so easy to get into outdoor sports. I really love to backpack and hike. I even have a great pack for my dog, Storm King; he’s named after a peak near hear. I’ve hiked most of the Appalachian Trail and did part of the Pacific Crest Trail this past summer. I go out on dates and I do know allot of people but I never meet women into serious hiking. My buddy, a sailboarder, had met a girl on a date line. She lived near him and was a ‘boardhead’ too. I thought if it worked for him I’d look into it. I became a member with a free sign up trial offer. It was really simple. I then could check out all the ads left by other members. Women had left voice mail messages talking about things they liked to do and what they wanted in a guy. After a few ads it was easy to pick a woman I thought would be fun. Karen is into hiking big time. She’s done extensive backcountry trips in Peru and Costa Rica. We are talking about a road trip to the Canadian Rockies this fall. I knew she was out there but date lines was the way I found her. Sometimes you need more than a compass to find what you’re looking for.

Date lines made it easy to move on!

Jerry from Seattle writes...

Okay, I totally shouldn’t even be writing this, but I have to tell you how I totally got over on my boyfriend, who said I was fat. I’m not, though!!! I weigh 130 and I’m 5’6” and I know that isn’t like model weight or anything but I still look good and I get lots of attention. ANYHOW. So what I’m saying is, I called your free date lines the other night while my man was out drinking beer with his dumb friends. I gave a fake name but other than that I just told the truth…that I’m nineteen, go to college, have one tattoo, 36D, etc. and that I like to party. I GOT SOOOOOO MANY RESPONSES! I cannot believe how many hot guys you have on your free dating chat!!! So now I’ve got like four dates set up and my boyfriend doesn’t even know what he’s missing…they all sound super-nice and respectful and also active, because I’m sick of sitting home and watching my fat slob boyfriend drink his stupid beer. So if he loves beer so much, he can have it! I’m gonna hang out with the hot boys I met on your free dating chat! You rule!!!!!! I totally never thought a free date line could be so awesome, but now I’m not going to bother meeting guys any other way. Ha ha on my dumb boyfriend.

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  •  Talk121 Chat Line

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