Don’t Use Cell Phone Camera to Capture Eclipse

By Bhavani Kannan
July 24th, 2017

The eclipse is coming! It’s all anyone will talk about these days. If you’re here you probably are used to using your cell phone to talk on dating chat lines and also to take pictures of just about anything and everything. But, according to many news outlets and even NASA itself, the main force behind space research, you may not want to use your cell phone to photograph the event. NASA has said that they really don’t know how the celestial event, which occurs when the moon’s path travels straight in front of the sun, would affect cell phone cameras. You’re not supposed to look at it with your naked eye, and they have special glasses to protect your eyes, but what about smartphone cameras?

Other’s say that pointing your phone towards the eclipse might damage your eyes by accident, because you may look up at the camera and direction you are pointing in, but might forget to put on your special glasses. If you don’t do the right thing you could risk retinal damage and no one wants that because how would you go on your chat line date later on that evening?

So, what should you do to protect that thing you use to talk on dating chat lines? Well most people say you should use a solar filter to cover the camera. This will ensure that your camera won’t be damaged and if you do look at it then your eyes will stay safe too. The light from a solar eclipse can be very strong and it’s a weird occurrence so please, capture it safely so that you can continue to go on your dating journeys and have a great time in life! Pick up the phone now to meet your newest single date.